Friday, February 11, 2011

Tennessee Nashville Mission Joins LDS Social Media Pilot Program

The ninth missionary unit to join the LDS Online Missionary network is the Tennessee Nashville Mission. They began this last week on 5 February 2011. The mission is headed by President Gary Hutchings, a former missionary in the Canada Toronto Mission. Gary and I served together thirty-five years ago in a couple of districts on our CTM mission under Elder M. Russell Ballard. President Hutchings was an outstanding missionary then and I am sure an outstanding mission president now.

Three sister missionaries--Sister Keeley Stubbs, Sister Laurie Nielsen, Sister Alexandra Winder--have put up a group blog The Mind of A Mormon. I hope it works out as good as the one being done by the missionaries in Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission Good Mormon America.  The sisters say the intent of their new blog is to "Follow three Mormon sister missionaries as they travel throughout Tennessee, Kentucky, and Illinois, sharing the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and share insights from their lives, travels, and studies."

The first week there were about twenty-six missionaries participating in the pilot. Now there is double that amount participating. The mission personnel are:

Donna Hutchings (Facebook)

 Elder Chase Adams (Facebook)
The Game of Life (Blogspot)

 Elder Nate Adams (Facebook)

 Elder Barry Aldredge (Facebook)
Elder Aldredge (Blogspot)

 Elder Jordan Allen (Facebook)
Mormon.Org Profile
The Mission TNM (Blogspot)
615.498.9600 Mobile
615.512.3911 Home

 Sister Sara Austin (Facebook)
Here Is Wisdom (Blogspot)

 Elder Dan Baker (Facebook)
Thoughts of A Missionary... (Blogspot)

Sister Allison Barnes (Facebook)
The Mind of A Mormon (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile

Elder Logan Barnes (Facebook)

 Elder Rian Barnes (Facebook)
 How Firm A Foundation (Blogspot)

Elder Jake Barnhart (Facebook)
A Missionary's Mission (Blogspot) 
Mormon.Org Profile

Elder Alexander Barton (Facebook)
Rejoice, the Lord Is King (Blogspot)

Elder Michael Bennett (Facebook)
Blogging Bennett (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile
931.337.8519 Mobile

Elder Bryce Bird (Facebook)

Elder Bird's Words (Word Press)
931.447.1002 Mobile

  Elder Jacob Bischoff (Facebook)
Hark All Ye Nations (Blogspot)

 Hermana Bounds (Facebook)

 Elder Benson R. Boy (Facebook)
Elder Boy Tennessee Nashville Mission (Blogspot)

 Elder Quinn Boyack (Facebook)
A Book and A Smile (Blogspot)

 Elder Joel Brown (Facebook)

 Elder Bryan Burnham (Facebook)

Elder Kyle Campbell (Facebook) 

 Elder Bryan Richard Carpenter (Facebook)
(returned home)

 Elder Spencer Cawley (Facebook)

 Elder Brent Coles (Facebook)
The Mog Missionary Blog (Blogspot) 

Elder Shawn Paul Corbridge (Facebook)
Preaching to the Nashvilleites (Blogspot)

 Elder Tyrel Culver (Facebook)
Teachin and Travelin (Blogspot)

 Elder Kalburt Dallof (Facebook)
A Day for Dallof (Blogspot)

 Elder Colin Dalton (Facebook)
931.588.8460 Mobile

Elder Evan Davis (Facebook)
Fight the Good Fight (Blogspot)

 Elder Brad Dellrie (Facebook)

 Elder Jeremiah Dietz (Facebook)

 Elder Jacob Royal Dimmick (Facebook)
931.284.9448 Mobile

 Elder Joshua Donohue (Facebook)
A Spark of the Light of Christ (Blogspot)

 Elder Jordan Dye (Facebook)
Just "Dyin" to Preach the Gospel (Blogspot)
Dying for Happiness (Blogspot) 
Mormon.Org Profile
931.334.4997 Mobile

 Elder Tim Edgell (Facebook)
Serving Two Years in the Best Mission Ever (Blogspot)

 Elder Lairen Famuliner (Facebook)

 Elder Spencer Haire (Facebook)

 Elder David Austin Hall (Facebook)
The Mind of Hall (Blogspot)

 Elder Taylor Hamblin (Facebook)
We Believe in Christ (Blogspot)

  Elder Nathan Hamilton (Facebook)

 Elder Alexander Hansen (Facebook)

 Elder Eric Hansen (Facebook)
Eric Hansen (Blogspot)

 Elder Brayden Hill (Facebook)

 Sister Karen Jasper (Facebook)
 Elder Nathan Robert Jensen (Facebook)

Elder Christian Knighton (Facebook)

  Sister Katie Koford (Facebook)
Sweet Is the Work (Blogspot)

 Sister Mari Louise Larsen (Facebook)
Heed Them Not (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile

 Elder D. Garrett Lund (Facebook)
Finding Joy in this Journey (Blogspot)

 Hermana Makayla Mackie (Facebook)
Las Adventuras de La Hermana Mackie

Elder Scott Marsen (Facebook)

 Elder Jeff Marsh (Facebook)
Elder Jeff Marsh (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile

Elder Davis Martin (Facebook) 
Elder Martin's Fantastic Blog (Blogspot)

Elder Marcus Martins (Facebook)

 Elder Justin Mauigoa (Facebook)
 Elder Brock McDermott (Facebook)

Elder James Montgomery (Facebook)

 Hermana Maryfer Moreno (Facebook)

Elder Tyson Nicoll (Facebook)
The Mormon Ways (Blogspot) 
Mormon.Org Profile

 Sister Laurie Nielsen (Facebook)
The Mind of A Mormon (Blogspot)
(returned home)

  Elder Dallin Olsen (Facebook)
Elder Olsen on a Mission (Blogspot)

 Elder Joshua Owen (Facebook)

 Elder Nick Owen (Facebook)
Don't Look Back (Blogspot)

Elder Richins TNM: The Life of a Missionary
(returned home)

 Elder Tyler Roberts (Facebook)
El Libro de Mormon, la verdad en sus paginas (Blogspot)

 Elder Evan Robison (Facebook)
The Hardest Yet Most Rewarding Two Years (Blogspot)

Elder Derek Rosecrans (Facebook)
615.500.9705 Mobile

  Elder Korth Rushdi (Facebook)

Elder Matthew Santos (Facebook) 

 Elder Steven Shatzer (Facebook)
Que es El Libro de Mormon (Blogspot)

 Hermana Karly Smith (Facebook)
No Podia Ser Descarriado (Blogspot)

 Elder Bryant Sowards (Facebook)
Be Not Faithless, but Believing (Blogspot)

 Hermana Erin Spencer (Facebook)

 Elder Sam Stout (Facebook)

Elder Brennan Stringham (Facebook) 
I Stand All Amazed (Blogspot)

 Sister Keeley Stubbs (Facebook)
The Mind of A Mormon (Blogspot)

 Elder Cassin Tanner (Facebook)
Embark in the Service of God (Blogspot)

 Elder Alex Thompson (Facebook)

 Elder Brendan Tondevold (Facebook)
Miracles and Missionaries (Blogspot)

Sister Crystal Kay Turner (Facebook)
Living Life to Its Fullest (Blogspot)

 Sister Joy Valentine (Facebook)
Miracles and A Name Tag (Blogspot)

  Elder Matthew Walker (Facebook)
The Vivacious Life of an Elder (Blogspot)

Sister Maria Warwood (Facebook)
Through Faith It Happens (Blogspot)

 Elder Jared Wells (Facebook)
Missionaryizing (Blogspot)

 Elder Brad Whetstone (Facebook)

 Sister Angela Whitehead (Facebook)
Mining A Missionary's Mind (Blogspot)

 Elder Thomas Whitney (Facebook)

 Sister Joy Wilcox (Facebook)
With A Joyful Heart (Blogspot)

Sister Alexandra Winder (Facebook)
The Mind of A Mormon (Blogspot)
(returned home)

  Elder Nathan Wursten (Facebook) 
The Mormon Minute (Blogspot)
 Hermana Carron Zullo (Facebook)
Fulgor Perfecto De Esperanza (Blogspot)

Earlier I wrote about the New York Rochester Mission being the first to pilot LDS missionaries blogging and Facebooking online. A second wave of missionaries from six other missions the California Santa Rosa Mission, Connecticut Hartford Mission, Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission, Michigan Lansing Mission, Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission, and a special branch of the MTC the Referral Center Mission joined the network. In the third wave the Montana Billings Mission came on board. Now the Florida Jacksonville Mission has entered the pilot. Louisiana Baton Rouge dropped out and only does a Mormon.Org pilot.  So the total is nine.

I really think the missionaries could use some friends to add on Facebook and to follow their blogs. They definitely need people to comment and get some discussions going. If you want to help in the official effort add them as your friends on both their blogs and Facebook pages.  They should have hundreds of friends who comment on their blogs plus if your like me you have dozens of nonmember friends.  If you want to help them make the new program successful please participate in their social media experiment then soon we might have thousands of missionaries using social media to convert thousands to Christ.  I really think all  missionaries and their mission presidents could use some friends right now so add  them.

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Sean Gates said...

I'm in the Nashville mission and I've had a couple of the sisters over to my home to help them with SEO (search engine optimization). Thanks for the plug for the missionaries!