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Argentina Resistencia Mission

Argentina Resistencia Mission


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Dr. B said...

The following was posted at James Abel's Bebo site

Elder Mike James 102 days ago

When I was serving as a missionary in the Argentina, Resistencia Mission, I learned something about service. I was serving as a district leader at the time, going to another city for a baptismal interview. This city was small, and had a view of Brazil. I conducted the baptismal interview. All went very well and I returned to the bus terminal to await my ride home. The elders of this city had given me two pears to eat on my return bus ride. I ate one of them while I waited for the bus, then looked down at the other. I could hear several children begging for food on the other side of the terminal. I was reminded of all the many times I had been approached by the poor on my mission. I thought about the way I had felt when I had turned them down, telling them, “I don't have anything,” and how it would make me feel. I thought about the countless times that people had given to me, without expectation of return, while I was a missionary. Then, I thought of the Savior and how he gave everything he had perfectly. I thought about how important it is that we give, regardless of the situation of the receptor. Then the question came to mind, “what if angels were sent to test us, just to see what we would do?” I looked down at the pear again and wished I had someone to give it to. I heard some footsteps draw up behind me. I turned to see a little boy who looked very hungry and very alone. He looked as though he anticipated rejection. "Do you have any money?" I was elated. "I don't have any money", I said. The little boy started to turn away. "But - take this." I held out the pear. "Gracias!" the boy said and instead of running off, sat down next to me on the bench and devoured the pear. We talked for a while, and my bus pulled up. "There's my bus," I said, and stood up. "What's your name, kid?" I didn't think about his answer until the bus had pulled away from the terminal. His name was Angel.
posted by A-James

Dr. B said...

In an article by Jennifer Toomer Cook entitled "Argentine Missionary Killed in Traffic Accident," Deseret News 10 April 2000 we read:

LOGAN, UTAH -- An LDS missionary, Elder Eric Robert Driggs of Mesa, Arizona, was killed last week and his companion, Elder Jordan Lee Call of Logan, Utah was injured when the taxi in which they were riding collided with a truck. Elder Driggs died on Thursday and Elder Call was flown to Utah, where he is recovering from the injuries he sustained in the accident.

Police in Villa Angela, Argentina, a small city about 75 miles west of Resistencia and some 480 miles northwest of Buenos Aires, are still investigating the accident. Driggs had been serving in the mission for 10 months, while Call had started his service just 4 months earlier. They were both serving in the Argentina Resistencia Mission.

Elder Call has undergone surgery and is expected to be released from Cottonwood Hospital in a few days. "He seems to be in good spirits and that's important when you're talking about the recovery and rehabilitation following this type of procedure," said hospital spokesman Jess Gomez. Rehabilitation could take several months.

His bishop expects Elder Call to be able to return to the mission field after the rehabilitation, "He has done very well," said Bishop Brett Larsen of the North Logan 6th Ward. "The hope is he will finish serving his mission, but it's unknown if it will be to Argentina or where."

Dr. B said...

In "LDS Care for Selves and Others," Church News [Saturday, 30 May 1998] we read:

RESISTENCIA, ARGENTINA-More than 130 LDS families in six Argentine provinces were evacuated following torrential rains and swollen rivers, spawned from the weather pattern known as "El Nino."

Rivers and tributaries of the winding Parana and Uruguay rivers overflowed their banks and flooded portions of many cities in the provinces of Misiones, Forma, Chaco, Corrientes, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires during the latter part of April and the first weeks of May.

In Resistencia where flooding was the most severe, many people, including 20 families of members, were evacuated from sections of the city that were flooded, and members and missionaries assisted local civil defense efforts to protect the city from the overfilled river.

At one point, waters came within 36 inches of cresting the embankment protecting the city, threatening to submerge the entire city of 330,000, including 4,200 members in two stakes. Because the land is so flat, floodwaters could have inundated hundreds of square miles beyond the city as well. Many people were evacuated as a preventative measure from low-lying areas near the river.

Missionaries from the Argentina Resistencia Mission performed valuable service for the civil defense, forming emergency squads that filled sand bags and repaired breaches in the embankment.

The presidency of the South America South Area, directed by Elder Carlos H. Amado of the Seventy, asked three things of members in the area: To remember in their prayers those who were suffering, to pray that the waters would recede and not cause further damage, and to contribute food and clothing with generous hearts.

As the flooding continued in Resistencia, leaders in Buenos Aires, under the direction of Elder Donald Bendoski, a welfare missionary, made arrangements to gather and ship food and clothing to people affected by the flooding. Four trucks containing basics for survival and medical supplies were sent. A large part of these supplies came from stakes in Buenos Aires. The rest came from cities in the interior of Argentina.

Other cities where members were evacuated and provided with food, clothing and medical supplies by the Church include:

• Goya, in the province of Corrientes, where the Parana River flooded and 15 LDS families were among those evacuated. The members were housed in Church facilities in the cities of Bella Vista and Esquina, both some 60 miles distant.

• Santa Fe and Reconquista in the province of Santa Fe, where several families from Santa Fe were evacuated to an LDS meetinghouse in nearby Rincon and more than 35 families from Reconquista were placed in the homes of other LDS families.

• El Colorado, in the province of Formosa. Five families were placed in government housing and assisted with food, clothing and medicine by the Church. In other areas of Formosa, 35 families in low-lying areas were evacuated and assisted by the Church.

• San Martin, in the province of Chaco, where 15 families were evacuated and housed in schools provided by the government, and supplied with food, clothing and medicine by the Church.

In Resistencia, where the greatest damage occurred, Pres. Carlos Fernandez of the Resistencia stake described the challenge he faced.

"In the first moments of the tragedy, when the streets were submerged by water and people were pleading for help, we had a most difficult situation. Our problems were many, and serious, but we felt the necessity of kneeling and seeking a divine guide to know what we ought to do.

"As a group of leaders in the Resistencia stake, we moved to a bend in the Parana River. There we saw the tremendous fury of the river. A strong wind was blowing, and we heard the noise from the force of the water. We prayed and shared our feelings. We asked the help of the Lord in this extremely difficult moment. We sought peace, strength and faith. After our prayer, we felt much peace and tranquility. It changed our lives as leaders.

"We quickly made decisions, implemented programs of help and prevention, and prepared for projects and activities that had not previously come to our minds.

"This experience showed us the necessity of prayer and counsel when meeting such difficulties."

The Resistencia stakes worked to be self-sufficient during this tragedy, gathering and redistributing clothing and food for those most in need, said Pres. Fernandez.

The men were dispatched for community service through the efforts of Sergio Gomez, director of Church public affairs. He worked closely with Raul Martinez, Resistencia director of civil defense.

"When a protective dike was penetrated by a chasm of water, a great stream burst right into the center of the city," said Brother Gomez. "Immediately the civil defense officials asked for help and we sent a group of brethren and missionaries. They worked all day Sunday, April 26, until midnight, and all of Monday and Tuesday until finally the chasm was filled.

"The missionaries working under mission Pres. Carlos Monroy were a great help."

He added that LDS youths received, sorted and distributed donated clothing. The Relief Society prepared and distributed food to evacuated families.

At the same time, priesthood leaders met in a regional welfare council under the direction of Pres. Oscar Fernandez of the Resistencia South stake, where they developed plans for a total evacuation.

If the situation had become extreme, all the families in the stake knew how to evacuate and where to meet, about six miles out of the city. Marking the road from the city were signs all would recognize, with the phrase, "Faith in Every Footstep." From here, members would be transported in trucks and buses to other cities of Roque Saenz Pena, Santiago del Ester, Tucuman and Salta.

Other stakes were quick to offer help, said Pres. Oscar Fernandez.

"When we started the plan of evacuation, we called the presidents of the Saenz Penz District, and the presidents of the stakes in Santiago del Estero, Tucuman and Salta to tell them about our plans," said Pres. Fernandez. "Within 24 hours we began to receive calls from them. They already had 200 lodgings prepared. What a marvelous thing!

"These brethren continued to prepare in case it was necessary to receive all the members in evacuation. We are able to say with joy that the Church in this area was self-sufficient to care for the needs of its members."

Additionally, from headquarters in Salt Lake City came three 40-foot containers with 39 tons of clothing and 10 tons of medical supplies given to humanitarian organizations and the government to assist non-members.

"The Lord answered the prayers of thousands of members in all the land with a ceasing of rains at critical moments, permitting members to organize and prepare," said Pres. Fernandez.

Dr. B said...

"New Mission Presidents," Church News [Saturday, 3 April 1993]:

Blair D. Pincock, 57, Argentina Resistencia Mission; Sugar City 6th Ward, Sugar City Idaho Stake; bishop, former high councilor, stake mission president, bishop's counselor, ward clerk, and Varsity Scout leader; served in Central America Mission, 1956-59; earned bachelor's and master's degrees from Utah State University; Ricks College instructor; born in Rexburg, Idaho, a son of Douglas and Reah Dalling Pincock; married Noreen Furness, three children. She is a stake Relief Society board member, former stake Relief Society board member, stake Primary board member, ward Relief Society president and homemaking leader, Young Women president, Primary president's counselor and teacher; earned bachelor's degree from Utah State University; born in Teton, Idaho, a daughter of Floyd and Gladys Bessie Birch Furness.