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California Oakland/San Francisco Mission

California Oakland/San Francisco Mission (combined 1 July 2009)

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LDS Mission Network (Oakland)

LDS Mission Network (San Francisco)

Dear Elder--Elder Taylor Rushing

Dear Elder--Elder Justin Haslam

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MissionSite.Net--Elder Ryan Dyches

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LDS Mission Network (Oakland)

LDS Mission Network (San Francisco)

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“New Mission Presidents Begin Service,” (David Gary Wade) Liahona, July 2009, N6–N7

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Elder Matthew E. Christensen 2010-2012

Sister Lacey Ellen Essig 2010-2012

Elder Brady Johnson 2009-2011 

G'Pa and G'Ma Heaton 2009-2010

Josie the Missionary (Sister Joslyn Rebecca Olsen, 2010-2012)

LDS Church Growth (Saturday, 2 May 2009) The California San Francisco Mission will be combined with the California Oakland Mission and renamed the California Oakland/San Francisco Mission. The area around San Francisco has seen very little growth in terms of new congregations created. However mission leaders report throughout California that missionary work is going as strong as ever despite opposition for the Church's support of Proposition 8 last year. For the first time in several years, membership in California actually increased from the previous year some 6,000 members, indicating that this is likely the result of fewer members moving to other states and possibly an increase in convert baptisms.


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LDS Mission Network (Oakland)

LDS Mission Network (San Francisco) 

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