Sunday, November 23, 2008

Arizona Phoenix Mission

Arizona Phoenix Mission

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Steve said...

Sister Washburn passed away in Dec o 2008

Dr. B said...

Idaho Press Tribune Obituary

Barbara H. Washburn

1929 - 2008

Barbara H. Washburn, 79, passed away Dec. 4, 2008, at her home in Nampa, Idaho.

She was born on June 10, 1929, in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Ford Howell and Aileen Bingham Harries. Barbara graduated in June of 1951 from Brigham Young University with a degree in Home Economics.

Barbara married J Ballard Washburn on Sept. 20, 1951, in the Salt Lake City Utah LDS Temple. They helped to pioneer the small town of Page, Ariz., where he served as a medical doctor and they raised their 10 children.

Barbara was preceded in death by her parents and her only sibling, James Harries.

She served faithfully in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as companion to her husband while he served as the President of the Arizona Phoenix Mission. She served as temple matron while her husband served as President of the Nevada Las Vegas Temple. She served with her husband while he was a member of the Second Quorum of Seventy, spending three of those years in Africa.

She is survived by her husband, J Ballard Washburn of Nampa; their 10 children Mark (Glenda) Washburn of Page, Jay (Lori) Washburn of Boise, Katie (Shannon) Pearce of New Plymouth, Andy (Ann) Washburn of Crestline, Calif., Jim (Sonya) Washburn of Nampa, Beckie (Ted) Rudder of Nampa, Rich (Yvette) Washburn of Nampa, Dave (Kelly) Washburn of Nampa, Dan (Heidi) Washburn of El Paso, Texas, Joe (Jennifer) Washburn of Salt Lake City, Utah; 58 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. Also included are special foster children Marc (Holly) Washburn of Mesa, Ariz., and Kathy (Ron) Clanton of Medford, Ore.

The funeral will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 13,at the Nampa South Stake Center, 7809 Deer Flat Road. The family will greet friends at 10 a.m. Internment will be at 11 a.m. Monday. Dec. 15, at the Page Cemetery in Page, Ariz. Arrangements are under the direction of Zeyer Funeral Chapel, Nampa.

Anonymous said...

I am looking for anyone who served in the Phillippines Naga Mission from 1992-1994 with Elder Brett Buckmister. Brett passed away 10 years ago on March 21st. He was a Highway Patrolman killed in the line of duty. This March we are marking his passing with a picnic to remember him. I would like to find as many that served with him from the states I can. Please email me at if you knew Brett.

Thank you!

Cathie Buckmister
Brett's Mom

Kim Hoyler-Bennett said...

I am trying to locate my 2 sister missionaries that taught me the lessons. I was baptized in Flagstaff Az in Aug of 1990. One sister was from France and the other was from East Germany. My journal that I kept during that time was stolen with other belongings many years ago, but I would like to know how they are. Please contact me with any info... (

Thanks, Kim Hoyler-Bennett