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Brazil Ribeirao Preto Mission

Brazil Ribeirao Preto Mission

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Joshua James Thornock 2001-2003

Robert Briggs 1996-1998

Damon Jeffrey Lott Obit served 1998-2000


LDS Mission Network

MissionSite.Net--Elder Kyle Wismer

MissionSite.Net--Elder Travis Hamaker


LDS Mission Network

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“New Mission Presidents Begin Service,” (R. Blair Condie) Liahona, July 2005, N3–N4

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new mission president R. Blair Condie, former mission president Henrique S. Simplicio) Church News [Saturday, 26 February 2005].

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"New Mission President," (Lewis P. Zollinger) Church News [Saturday, 6 March 1999].

"First Presidency calls new area authorities," (former mission president Cesar A. S. Milder) Church News [Saturday, 24 August 1996].

"New Mission Presidents," (Jose O. Fabricio) Church News [Saturday, 1 June 1996].

"New and Returning Mission Presidents," (new mission president Enos de Castro Deus Filho, former mission president Cesar Augusto S. Milde) Church News [Saturday, 16 March 1996].


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“Thirteen New Missions Created,” (The Brazil Goiania Mission is created from a division of the Brazil Belo Horizonte, Brazil Brasilia, and Brazil Ribeirão Prêto Missions.) Ensign, Apr. 1998, 76

"New missions created; total now 331," (The new Goiania mission will be created in the heartland of Brazil from a division of the Belo Horizonte, Brasilia and Ribeirao Preto missions, and will have 4.5 million residents of whom 13,000 are members who reside in the Anapolis, Goiania, Goiania East and Uberlandia stakes.) Church News [Saturday, 10 January 1998].

"Ricks athletes win national titles," (former missionary Justin Garner claimed the decathlon championship) Church News [Saturday, 8 July 1995].

R. Scott Lloyd, "1993 - the year in review: temples were focus of Church events," (March 6: Eight new missions were announced: Guatemala Guatemala City Central, Brazil Ribeirao Preto, Brazil Rio de Janeiro North, Peru Chiclayo, Romania Bucharest, Latvia Riga, Russia Samara and Ukraine Donetsk.) Church News [Saturday, 25 December 1993].

“Seventeen New Missions Created,” (Brazil Ribeirao Preto Mission, created from the Brazil Campinas Mission, opened February 1 and includes four stakes and 9,693 members.) Ensign, May 1993, 104


LDS Mission Network

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