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Brazil Goiania Mission

Brazil Goiania Mission

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Dear Elder--Elder Israel Boekweg

Dear Elder--Elder Joseph Blanchard

Dear Elder--Sister Natalie Buckley 2008-2009

MissionSite.Net--Elder Dylan Banning 2005-2007

MissionSite.Net--Elder Charlei Robson dos Santos 2005-2007

MissionSite.Net--Elder Mark Holt 2006-2008

MissionSite.Net--Elder James Houghton 2007-2009 Bryan Aeschbacher 2001-2003 Raphael Bonifacio 2004-2006 Christopher Bowers 2000-2002 Steven Christiansen 2003-2005 T.J. Davis 2001-2003 Sergio De Souza 2004-2006 Thomson Devin 2001-2003 Joshua Eberhard 2001-2003 Joel Eskelsen 2002-2003 Sivonei Hada 2001-2003 Trevor Heaney 2001-2003 Rick Heit 1998-2000 Shawn Higbee 2002-2004 Kristal Hobson 1999-2001 Mark Holt 2006-2008 Justin Lafeen 2001-2003 Paul Lundgreen 1999-2003 Haven McCall 1999-2001 Eric Mortenson 2001-2003 Garcia Patricia Dos Santos 1999-2001 Jared Richey 1999-2001 Antonio Rocha 1999-2001 Brooklynn Schwitters 2003-2005 Steve Shorten 2001-2003 Allan Silva 2004-2006 Stroud 2001-2003 Tyler Thompson 2001-2003 T. Spencer Wrathall 1999-2001

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LDS Mission Network

Dear Elder--Elder Israel Boekweg

MissionSite.Net--Elder Dylan Banning

MissionSite.Net--Elder Charlei Robson dos Santos

MissionSite.Net--Elder James Houghton

Webshots Travel--Elder Moura Zona Uberaba Pictures


LDS Mission Network

"New Mission Presidents Begin Service," (Ramon C. Prieto) Ensign [July 2010].

"New Mission Presidents," (Ramon Cesar Catherini Prieto) Church News [Saturday, 20 March 2010].

"Mission President Assignments for 2010," (new mission president Ramon C. Prieto, former mission president Aguiner C. Tobias) Church News [Saturday, 13 February 2010].

“New Mission Presidents Now in Place,” (Vaguiner C. Tobias) Liahona, Aug. 2007, N4–N5

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"New missions created; total now 331," (The new Goiania mission will be created in the heartland of Brazil from a division of the Belo Horizonte, Brasilia and Ribeirao Preto missions) Church News [Saturday, 10 January 1998].

"New Stake Presidencies," (The Goiania East stake includes the Aparecida, Colina Azul, Crimeia, Novo Mundo, Universitario and Vila Brasilia wards, and the Hidrolandia and Itatiaia branches.) Church News [Saturday, 1 February 1997].


Daniel Abrantes Anastacio, "Living by the Scriptures," Church News [Saturday, 21 July 2007].

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