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Taiwan Taipei Mission

Taiwan Taipei Mission


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LDS Mission Network

"New Temple Presidents," (former mission president Harvey Glade Horner called as president Taiwan Taipei Temple) Church News [Saturday, 13 June 2009]. 
"Mission President assignments 2009: 107 of 348 missions receive assignment changes," (new mission president Terence Elial Grimley, former mission president Norman Sanford Nielson) Church News [Saturday, 7 March 2009].

"New Mission Presidents," (Terrence Elial Grimley) Church News [Saturday, 21 February 2009].

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"The New Called Are Sustained," (Anthony D. Perkins) Church News [Saturday, 1 April 2006].

"New and Returning Mission Presidents," (new mission president Norman S. Nielson, former mission president Anthony D. Perkins) Church News [Saturday, 4 March 2006].

"New Mission Presidents," (Norman Sanford Nielson) Church News [Saturday, 4 February 2006].

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"New Mission Presidents," (Anthony Duane Perkins) Church News [Saturday, 22 March 2003].

"New Temple Presidents," (former mission president Thomas P. Nielson called as Taiwan Taipei Temple President) Church News [Saturday, 30 September 2000].

"New and Returning Mission Presidents,"
(new mission president Edward James Phipps, former mission president Michael George Harris) Church News [Saturday, 11 March 2000].

"New Mission Presidents," (Edward James Phipps) Church News [Saturday, 4 March 2000].

"New Mission Presidents," (Michael G. Harris) Church News [Saturday, 15 March 1997].

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Sister Mackenzie Ackerson 2009-2010

Sister Amy Lynn Collyer 2010-2012

The Adventures of Sister Flora Bruno 2009-2010

Two Years in Taiwan (Elder Kyle Brunson 2009-2011) 

Scott's Two Years (Elder Scott Carlson, 2009-2011) 

Elder Zachary Maughan (2008-2010)

Elder Bret Smith (2008-2010, Smith Family has many pictures on site of him and Sister Kirsten Smith on missions in Carlsbad, CA and Taiwan Taipei missions)

Joseph Langford (2007-2009)

The Unbearable Lightness of Brodie (Matt Thurston, missionary 1989-1990)

Who Are Mormons: Taiwan's President Praises LDS Contributions

Going global but not imperial; or converting without deculturating (Practice of burning paper in ancestor worship in Taiwan Mission)

My Mormon Mission (Greg Hamblin, 2004-2005) The Old Village

Elder James Phillips and Sister Judith Phillips, "Celebrating 50 years of the gospel in Taiwan:

Elder James L. Phillips and Sister Judith L. Phillips, "Taiwan welcomes Elder Bednar: Members, missionaries counseled during whirlwind tour of island," Church News [Saturday, 25 April 2009].    

 "New Mission Presidents," (former missionary Terrence Elial Grimley called as mission president Taiwan Taipei Mission) Church News [Saturday, 21 February 2009].

Greg Hill, "Faith of Parents Nurtured Missionary," (Kuan Peng Ko Family) Church News [Saturday, 25 October 2008].

Greg Hill, "Beautiful Taiwan," (mentions mission president Norman S. Nielson) Church News [Saturday, 13 September 2008].

"Missionary Beats Language Barrier," (Sister Noelle Teh) Church News [Saturday, 13 September 2008].

Sarah Jane Weaver, "His Mission Defined Every Aspect of His Life," (former missionary Kent D. Watson) Church News [Saturday, 2 August 2008].

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LDS Mission Network

Elder Elias Miller, "Living by the Scripture," Church News [Saturday, 23 May 2009].

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