Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brazil Cuiaba Mission

Brazil Cuiaba Mission


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LDS Mission Network

"Mission President Assignments: 2009," (new mission president Cleto Oliveira former member 4th Quorum of the Seventy, former mission president Cesar A.S. Milder) Church News [Saturday, 7 March 2009].

Thomas S. Monson, “The Sustaining of Church Officers,” (With similar appreciation we also extend a release to César A. S. Milder) Liahona, Nov 2006, 23–24

“News of the Church,” (Cesar A.S. Milder released as area seventy) Liahona, Nov 2006, 126–128

“News of the Church,” (Cesar A.S. Milder released as area seventy) Ensign, Nov 2006, 126–128

"Eight Members of Seventy Released," (Cesar A. S. Milder released as area seventy) Church News [Saturday, 7 October 2006].

"New Mission Presidents," (
Cesar Augusto Seiguer Milder) Church News [Saturday, 15 July 2006].

"Fourth Quorum of the Seventy," (Cesar A. S. Milder) Church News [Saturday, 12 April 1997].

"Fourth Quorum of the Seventy," (Cleto Oliveira) Church News [Saturday, 12 April 1997].

"First Presidency Calls New Area Authorities," (Cesar A. S. Milder) Church News [Saturday, 24 August 1996].

"New and Returning Mission Presidents," (former mission president Cesar A.S. Milder
Brazil Ribeirao Preto Mission) Church News [Saturday, 16 March 1996].

"Church names area authorities," (Cleto Pinheiro De Oliveira) Church News [Saturday, 5 August 1995].

“Appointments,” (Cesar A. S. Milder called as stake president Florianopolis Brazil Stake) Ensign, Feb. 1986, 77


Shaun D. Stahle, "New Mission Created in Brazil, Philippines, Pacific: Growth Brings Expansion to Three Areas," (President Cesar Augusto Seiguer Milder of Brazil was called to preside over the Brazil Cuiaba Mission; In Brazil, the Manaus and Brasilia missions were divided to create the Brazil Cuiaba Mission) Church News [Saturday, 15 July 2006).

"Elder Nelson Meets Brazilian Leaders," (mentions Cesar M. Milder) Church News [Saturday, 25 August 2001].

"New Stake Presidencies," (The Cuiaba Brazil Stake has been created by Elder Helvecio Martins of the Seventy. Wards in the new stake are the Coxipo, Cuiaba, Morada Serra, Mapim, and Varzea Grande wards) Church News [Saturday, 6 May 1995].


LDS Mission Network

Robert S. Wood, "The Right Person for the Call," (experience with Cesar M. Milder on calling a stake president in Brazil) New Era, Nov 2005, 28

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