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Australia Perth Mission

Australia Perth Mission

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Dear Elder--Elder Ammon Cooper 2007-2009

Dear Elder-Elder Robert W. Doyle 2006-2008

MissionSite.Net--Elder Samuel Bawden 2009-2011 

MissionSite.Net--Elder Austin Campbell 2010-2012

MissionSite.Net--Elder James-Michael Petricevich 2008-2010

MissionSite.Net--Elder Jack Smint 2010-2012

MissionSite Net--Elder Spencer Wolfley 2008-2010

Daily Herald--Elder Adam David Grant, 29 November 2008

Bradley Waddoups

Matt Stoddard 2000-2002

Floyd Black Autobiography (senior couple missionary 1983-1984)

JoDee Sundberg Obituary 1976-1978

Obituary: Reid Ollerton Clark (senior couple missionary)

Lillian Spotten Steere Obituary

Geoffrey Allen Despain Obituary

Obituary--Duane Wallace Crimin [Friday, 24 August 2007

Irving Otto Brunstad Obiturary 5 January 2005


LDS Mission Network


Dear Elder--Elder Ammon Cooper

Dear Elder--Elder Robert W. Doyle

MissionSite.Net--Elder Samuel Bawden

MissionSite.Net--Elder Austin Campbell


"New Mission Presidents Begin Service," (Paul L. Cahoon) Ensign [July 2010].

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"Obituaries," (Jerold Nelson Johnson, 74, who presided over the Australia Perth Mission from 1983-86, died Jan. 20, 2010, in Aurora, Utah.) Church News [Saturday, 30 January 2010].

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Australia Perth Mission CD 1999

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LDS Mission Network

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