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California Carlsbad Mission

California Carlsbad Mission

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Dear Elder--Elder Arthur Taylor 2007-2009

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LDS Mission Network

Dear Elder--Elder Earnest Mosier

Dear Elder--Sister Alison Tuberville

MissionSite.Net--Elder Arthur Taylor

MissionSite.Net--Elder Matthew Breedlove

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MissionSite.Net--Elder Jacob Reading

MissionSite.Net--Elder Kyle Root

MissionSite.Net--Elder Blake Bryson

Dale Harty

Jacob Riley Long 2009-2011


LDS Mission Network

“New Mission Presidents Begin Service,” (Bruce M. Cook) Ensign, July 2010, 77

"New Mission Presidents," (Bruce Mair Cook) Church News [Saturday, 20 February 2010].

"Mission Presidents Assignments for 2010," (new mission president Bruce M. Cook, former mission president Richard B. Brady) Church News [Saturday, 13 February 2010].

President and Sister Richard and Janice Brady

“New Mission Presidents Now in Place,” (Richard B. Brady) Liahona, Aug. 2007, N4–N5

“New Mission Presidents Now in Place Worldwide,” (Richard B. Brady) Ensign, July 2007, 77–78

"New Mission Presidents," (Richard Bryant Brady) Church News [Saturday, 14 April 2007].

"New Mission Presidents Receive Assignments," (new mission president Richard B. Brady, former mission president Brian D. Garner) Church News [Saturday, 3 March 2007].

"Conference news," (Six members of the Second Quorum of the Seventy were released: Elders E. Ray Bateman) Church News [Saturday, 9 October 2004]. 

“New Mission Presidents Begin Service,” (Brian D. Garner) Ensign, July 2004, 74–75

"New Mission Presidents," (Brian David Garner) Church News [Saturday, 20 March 2004].

"New and Returning mission presidents for 113 missions," (new mission president Brian D. Garner, former mission president Stephen M. Studdert) Church News [Saturday, 6 March 2004].

"New and Returning Mission Presidents," (new mission president Stephen Mark Stephen Mark, former mission president Gary Lynn Blackner) Church News [Saturday, 10 March 2001].

E. Ray Bateman, "Responsibility of LDS to gather Abraham's seed," (former mission president and member of the Second Quorum of the Seventy) Church News [Saturday, 10 October 1998].

"New Mission Presidents," (Gary Lynn Blackner) Church News [Saturday, 6 June 1998].

“Elder E Ray Bateman Of the Seventy,” (Serving as president of the California Carlsbad Mission when he received the call to the Seventy, Elder Bateman has also served as a Sunday School teacher, bishop, multiregion welfare director, stake mission president, and stake high councilor.) Ensign, May 1998, 104

Sarah Jane Weaver, "Desire to share gospel is constant for this new Seventy," (former mission president E. Ray Bateman called to the Second Quorum of the Seventy) Church News [Saturday, 25 April 1998].

"13 new General Authorities called," (mission president E. Ray Bateman called to the Second Quorum of the Seventy) Church News [Saturday, 11 April 1998].

"New Mission Presidents," (E. Ray Bateman) Church News [Saturday, 20 April 1996].


Elder Tanner Christensen 2009-2011 

Elder J. J. Gibbons 2010-2012

Elder [Andrew] Meyers Notes from the Mission Field 2005-2007

Kirsten Smith 2008-2009

Byrce Packard 2007-2009

Elder Chase Brown

YouTube Travis Lyman 2008-2010

Eden Pires


"Obituary," (JoAnn Amundsen Jolley, 78, who served with her husband, Merlyn Knighton Jolley, as he presided over the California Carlsbad Mission from 1993-96, died June 1, 2010, in South Jordan, Utah.) Church News [Saturday, 12 June 2010].

"New Area Seventies: 43 members sustained in the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth quorums of the Seventy April 3, 2010," (W. Christopher Waddell currently serving in the presidency of the California Carlsbad Mission) Church News [Saturday, 24 April 2010]. 

"Sunday School General Board," (wife of former mission Bonnie Jane B. Studdert called) Church News [Saturday, 18 October 2008].

Greg Hill, "In Response to Disaster Many LDS Missionaries Lending A Hand," Deseret News [Wednesday, 24 October 2007].

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"Living by the scriptures," (quotes Elder Tyson Randall) Church News [Saturday, 28 April 2007].

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“A Missionary Christmas,” (Tyler Powell) New Era, Dec 2004, 20

“Q&A: Questions and Answers--“I love my family, but it’s embarrassing to say it. How can I let them know I love them without saying it?”,” (Elder Angelito C. Ong) New Era, Nov 2004, 16

LaRene Porter Gaunt, “Out of the Ashes,” New Era, May 2004, 21

"New Mission Presidents," (former mission counselor Richard Craig Bramwell called as president of the Ohio Cincinnati Mission) Church News [Saturday, 17 April 2004].

Amber Meager, “Results of Service Seen in Wake of Wildfires,” Ensign, Mar. 2004, 76–77

Jason Swenson, "LDS Fire Victims Begin Long Recovery: Members, missionaries united in relief efforts," Church News [Saturday, 8 November 2003].

Sonja Eddings Brown, "The California fires — surviving infernos: California fires affect 400,000 LDS," (quotes mission president Stephen M. Studdert) Church News [Saturday, 1 November 2003].

Helen Read, "'Our goal was to return with honor'," (Elders Phillip Flores and Jonathan Cathell-Williams) Church News [Saturday, 14 December 2002].

Wendy Platt and Marilyn McPhie, "Tagalog-speaking branch organized," (quotes mission president Bramwell) Church News [Saturday, 17 August 2002].

"Santa Anas whip brush fire," Church News [Saturday, 2 March 2002].

R. Scott Lloyd, "Pioneer Cemetery Beautified," (mission president Stephen M. Studdert head of This Is the Place Foundation) Church News [Saturday, 29 September 2009].

R. Scott Lloyd, "Replica of 'Wilford Room'," (mission president Stephen M. Studdert involved) Church News [Saturday, 30 June 2001].

"New Mission Presidents," (former missionary Mary Margaret Young Morrison wife of Carleton Henry Morrison Jr. who was called as president of the Spain Las Palmas Mission) Church News [Saturday, 26 February 2000].

"Ricks thrashes foe in Real Dairy Bowl," (mentions missionary Jared Chappell) Church News [Saturday, 11 December 1999].

Helen Read, "Helping to celebrate bicentennial of old California Catholic mission," Church News [Saturday, 3 July 1999].

Twila Van Leer, "An added thrill - they open their mission calls while on the pioneer trek," (missionary Lisa Jone Holgreen) Church News [Saturday, 28 June 1997].

R. Scott Lloyd, "Mormon Battalion Honored at Historica California Mission," Church News [Saturday, 1 February 1997]. 

Mary Kay Stout, “Members, Missionaries Help Victims of Fire,” Ensign, Jan. 1994, 76–77

"Wildfires finally die, but flame of service is still burning bright," Church News [Saturday, 13 November 1993].

“Seventeen New Missions Created,” (California Carlsbad Mission, created from the California San Diego Mission, has a population of 2 million and serves 32,798 members in eleven stakes.) Ensign, May 1993, 104

"Nine new missions created," (The California Carlsbad Mission will be created from a division of the California San Diego Mission. The Carlsbad Mission will include 11 stakes and 32,798 members in a population of 2 million.) Church News [Saturday, 13 March 1993].

“Members in Tijuana Receive Relief,” Ensign, Apr. 1993, 75


Sam R. Todd, "Missionary Moment: First Contact," Church News [Saturday, 2 March 1996].

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Gerry Avant, "Called to Sing:Tabernacle Choir members are musicians who have a mission," (experience of Russian lady Valentina Gorevaia who is taught by Elder Phillip T. Hall who was extended from California Anaheim Mission to teach her) Church News [Saturday, 2 October 1993].

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