Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blog of the Month: Looking at the Mind of a Mormon Missionary

I am featuring a highly unusual missionary blog. The Adventures of Sister Flora Bruno is told from both sides as her parents, siblings, friends and other missionaries letters and emails are posted. In addition she shares her scripture study insights, devotionals, and other instruction she receives. It is as much an intellectual history as a personal account of her mission happenings. You see the good, the bad and the ugly as missionary friends reveal their ups and downs on their own missions to the her. It gives a missionary headed for the MTC a glimpse of life there up to her first day in the mission field.

One missionary tells about his trunky behavior and how he is just hanging on to the end of his mission. He doesn't sugar-coat it but tells about his desire to get through the mission and get on with his life. Another missionary tells about why he considers what is happening to him though hard as being a miraculous time. Another missionary shares a little bit of humor. While a fourth the daughter of a former mission president gives her some faith-promoting instructions.

Sister Bruno shares with us the devotionals of several general authorities: M. Russell Ballard, L. Tom Perry, James J. Hamula, Kenneth Johnson, Jose A. Teixeira, Daryl H. Garn, and Yoshihiko Kikuchi. It is not overly startling that they emphasize themes like obedience and getting along with your companion.

Even in her weekly emails to her parents there are a few off-the-wall ones like Kamikaze Birds, Poop Jokes, and Drama and Loss. She goes through illness, and struggling to learn the language and finally arriving in the mission field.

There is a bit of something for all those interested in seeing what the MTC experience was like for a typical missionary who has their ups and downs. It is a more balanced and realistic account than a missionary who doesn't want to be there or one overcome with so much idealism they don't see different perspectives.

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Hi all, I think you are doing good job, there are so many people, to wander around life without faith. They realy need christians, real christian. Good work, further so :))))))))))))))))

an Admirer