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Brazil Curitiba Mission

Brazil Curitiba Mission 

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MissionSite Net--Elder Chad Knowles

MissionSite Net--Elder Garrett Roberts

MissionSite Net--Elder Brandon Snowden

Kurt Blain Daily Herald 2006-2008

Parker Boyack 2008-2010

Obituary: Richard Brett Spencer

Jon Searle Obituary Served 1984-1986

Missionaries Brandon Snowden Hurricane Valley Journal 2008-2010

Stephen McNeil BYU-Idaho Physics Department

Announcing Steve Urquhart

Jessica Gibb 2004-2005


LDS Mission Network

YouTube--Presidente e Sister Webster

Grandpa Bill's Adhemar Damiani

"New Mission Presidents Begin Service," (Derek L. Cordon) Ensign [July 2010].

"New Mission Presidents," (Derek Lane Cordon) Church News [Saturday, 17 April 2010].

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Jeannette N. Oaks, "Growth followed priesthood revelation: Gospel is preached to everyone in Brazil who has desire to hear," Church News [Saturday, 31 May 2003].

Jeannette N. Oakes, "Forerunner to PEF Used in Brazil: Former missionaries helped youth attend BYU," (mentions former mission president Duke Cowley) Church News [Saturday, 24 May 2003].

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LDS Mission Network

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