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Brazil Joao Pessoa Mission

Brazil Joao Pessoa Mission

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MissionSite.Net--Elder Braydon Deru

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LDS Mission Network

"New Mission Presidents Begin Service," ( Gordon J. Hall) Ensign [July 2010].

"Mission President Assignments for 2010," (new mission president Gordon J. Hall, former mission president David G. Fernandes) Church News [Saturday, 13 February 2010].

"New Mission Presidents," (Gordon Jeffrey Hall) Church News [Saturday, 6 February 2010]. 

“New Mission Presidents Now in Place,” (David G. Fernandes) Liahona, Aug. 2007, N4–N5

“New Mission Presidents Now in Place Worldwide,” (David G. Fernandes) Ensign, July 2007, 77–78

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"New Mission Presidents Receive Assignment," (
new mission president David G. Fernandes, former mission president Silvio Geschwandtner) Church News [Saturday, 3 March 2007].

Ana Claudia Soli, "Desire is power for language teacher: BYU graduate returns to homeland, develops franchise of 1,200 schools," (Carlos Martins former mission president 2001-2004) Church News [Saturday, 30 April 2005].

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"New Area Authority Seventies," (Released was Silvio Geschwandtner) Church News [Saturday, 24 April 2004].

"New Mission Presidents," (Silvio Geschwandtner) Church News [Saturday, 14 February 2004].

"New and Returning Mission Presidents," (new mission president Carlos Roberto Martins, former mission president Wilson Roberto Gomes) Church News [Saturday, 10 March 2001].

"New Mission Presidents," (Carlos Roberto Martins) Church News [Saturday, 10 February 2001].

"New and Returning Mission Presidents: 1998," (new mission president Wilson Roberto Gomes New mission) Church News [Saturday, 7 March 1998].

"New Mission Presidents," (Wilson R. Gomes) Church News [Saturday, 7 February 1998].

"Fourth Quorum of Seventy," (Silvio Geschwandtner) Church News [Saturday, 12 April 1997].


"Country Information: Brazil," Church News [Saturday, 25 January 2010].

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Gerry Avant, "'Roots of gospel' sunk deep in Brazil: Pres. Hinckley addresses members in parts of South American country," Church News [Saturday, 23 September 2006].

"Missionary in Brazil wounded," (Tyler Harding) Church News [Saturday, 16 April 2005].

"5 new areas announced worldwide," (Brazil North--The new area will include some 240,000 members in 55 stakes and 11 missions, including the newly created Brazil Joao Pessoa and Brazil Goiania missions that just opened July 1.) Church News [Saturday, 4 July 1998].

“Thirteen New Missions Created,” (The Brazil João Pessoa Mission is created from a division of the Brazil Recife and Brazil Recife South Missions. The new mission will serve approximately 6 million people, with about 17,000 members organized into five stakes.) Ensign, Apr. 1998, 76

"Excitement grows, as work on new temple in Recife, Brazil, progresses," (The temple district will include eight missions, including the newly announced Joao Pessoa mission, and 47 stakes and 13 districts.) Church News [Saturday, 31 January 1998].

"New missions created; total now 331," (The Brazil Recife and Recife South missions will be divided to create the new Joao Pessoa mission in northern Brazil. The new mission will have a population of 6 million, and of those, 17,000 are members who live in the Campina Grande, Joao Pessoa, Joao Pessoa Rangel, Natal and Santa Rita stakes.) Church News [Saturday, 10 January 1998].


LDS Mission Network

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