Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brazil Belo Horizonte East Mission

Brazil Belo Horizonte East Mission


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MissionSite Net--Elder Joshua McDonald

MissionSite Net--Elder Matthew Drew Knight


LDS Mission Network

Dean R. Burgess LDS Newsroom

Dean R. Burgess Wikipedia

“New Mission Presidents Now in Place,” (P. Randy Johnson) Liahona, Aug. 2006, N4–N5

“New Mission Presidents Receive Assignments,” (P. Randy Johnson) Ensign, June 2006, 72–74

"New Mission Presidents," (Paul Randy Johnson) Church News [Saturday, 15 April 2006].

"New and Returning Mission Presidents," (new mission president P. Randy Johnson, former mission president Marco A. Rais) Church News [Saturday, 4 March 2006].

"New Mission Presidents," (Marco Antonio Rais) Church News [Saturday, 29 March 2003].

"New Mission Presidents for 105 Missions," (new mission president
Marco A. Rais, former mission president Celso Rolim de Freitas) Church News [Saturday, 8 March 2003].

"New Mission Presidents," (Celso Rolim De Freitas) Church News [Saturday, 18 March 2000].

"New and Returning Mission Presidents," (new mission president
Celso Rolim de Freitas, former mission president Dean R. Burgess) Church News [Saturday, 11 March 2000].

"New and Returning Mission Presidents: 1997," (new mission president Dean R. Burgess, former mission president Thomas P. Smith) Church News [Saturday, 15 March 1997].

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"New Mission Presidents," (Thomas P. Smith) Church News [Saturday, 5 March 1994].


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Ana Claudia Soli, "Brazil: Born of Spiritual Beginnings: Now 880,000 members in 186 stakes, 26 missions," Church News [Saturday, 18 December 2004].

Ana Claudia Soli, "A Job and More: Brazil's Employment Office is a Busy Place," (senior couple missionaries Steve and Charlotte Nebeker) Church News [Saturday, 20 November 2004].

“Comment--Worth the Sacrifice,” (Adolfo Alberto Jeeves) Liahona, Aug 2000, 1 

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