Sunday, October 7, 2007


In 1985 while compiling the Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, I felt a strong spiritual impression that I needed to take the many missionary quotes that I had not included and expand them into a guide on missionary service. It was revealed to me that the book should be entitled Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord, with each section based on a scriptural passage.

My purpose in compiling the book is to touch the lives of the Saints and lead them to Christ. I was given this oral mandate by President Ezra Taft Benson when he asked me to compile his teachings book. He encouraged me to do this missionary book for a similar purpose. President Benson believed in my abilities as a Mormon writer and historian.

I also had extensive quotes by Spencer W. Kimball, having assisted Yoshihiko Kukuchi in compiling Proclaiming the Gospel: Spencer W. Kimball on Missionary Work (1987). I had a small part in assisting in building the kingdom of God through my involvement in those two books as well as this one. I feel this book is my best effort so far. It contains the best quotes on missionary subjects.

On the advice of my former mission president M. Russell Ballard, I initially submitted an earlier draft to the LDS Church correlation committee and Sheri Dew at Deseret Book for possible publication. The book was rejected for unknown reasons that were never explained to me. I offered to publish the book free without any remuneration and donate any royalties to the missionary fund to help converts like me who needed help from their ward to serve missions.

Since I was supposed to be listed as compiler on President Benson’s book but did not receive recognition I feel this missionary publication will square matters. I have remained steadfast in the church despite my disappointment remembering that President Benson said it is more important to get the Lord’s pay than man’s pay. I look forward to that in the next life since it's doubtful I will receive it in this life.

I spent twenty years compiling this resource. I feel I must make available this compilation before my life is over. I know it can be a blessing to others in leading them to Christ. If you use this resource and feel it is valuable please make a donation to the missionary fund. A book like this would sell for around twenty to twenty-five dollars but give whatever you can. Please feel free to use it all you want and disseminate it. It is my gift to you. I had a spiritual blast compiling it.
Originally I had extensive material from the Quorum of Seventy but due to space limitations I cut those quotes focusing mainly on material from the Prophets, the Quorum of the Twelve, and official church publications. I have included not only President Benson’s best quotes and President Kimball’s best quotes but also all the Prophets and Council of the Twelve missionary quotes that I could find. If I have missed or you have unpublished material let me know. I will add them. I might do a second compilation if I get the time for the other seventies and authorities. Since I will have this online I can always update and expand it. I wish to thank the Harold B. Lee Library (BYU) and LDS Church archives for their research help, particularly Connie Lamb and Bill Slaughter.

I accept responsibility for all quotes selected and their grammatical accuracy. This is not an official publication of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The quotes’ content have not been intentionally changed in any way. Most quotes are the copyrighted property of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints now known as Intellectual Reserve.

I hope this book will be an instrument in motivating people to serve a mission as well as in helping them become better member missionaries and full-time missionaries. This book is dedicated to M. Russell Ballard, Ezra Taft Benson, Spencer W. Kimball, Gordon B. Hinckley, Thomas S. Monson, Boyd K. Packer, Yoshihiko Kukuchi, A . Theodore Tuttle, Castle H. Murphy, Richard O. Cowan, and Dillon Inouye. All these men of God have encouraged me through their example and motivated me to share this guide with you. God bless each of you to be better missionaries and disciples of Christ.

Dr. Frank Bruno, 2007

*Photographs courtesy of the Church Historical Department or the Prophet’s family members*