Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Making Your Home an MTC

In her Sunday morning talk Sister Julie Beck encouraged us to make our homes a pre-mission training center. My family has tried to do this. We have taught our seven daughters since they were young girls that they should go on missions before getting married. We have told them that eternity is a long time to be married so the best preparation for marriage was to serve a mission first. We cited as our example Sister Flora Benson after who one of our daughters was named. Our two oldest daughters have followed this advice. The oldest 22 is currently serving in the Korea Daejon mission and our second daughter is serving in the Rome Italy mission.

We have practiced with our children over the years by doing such things as inviting friends over to hear the missionary discussions. Our oldest daughter's boyfriend joined the Church in Houston. Unfortunately he didn't wait more than two months before he married another girl. We have had several of our daughters friends investigate the church over the years.

I was wondering some of the ways that other people have tried to make their home a pre-mission training center? Do you think there is a difference between training boys and training girls?


Hollie said...

Yesterday was a very hard day for my daughter, one of the sisters who taught her the gospel ( my daughter is 9 and a direct descendent of Porter RockwellL, got transfered, this devasted my daughter last night( the sis had been in our ward for 8 months and Roo and I first met her back in Apr)...how we are already missing this sweet sister who is having a great mission ( In her first area(ours) 7 baptisms including Roo's.

Dr. B said...

I know that it is hard for new members when their missionaries are transferred or go home from their mission. Being a convert myself I lost track of my missionaries. You need to keep in touch with them over the years sharing letters, emails and christmas cards. In life we get busy but an occasional letter brings back sweet memories. I am sure this sister will want to know what great experiences you and your daughter have in the church for years to come. Thanks for your meaningful comments and sharing.