Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Purpose of My Blog

I have had a great interest in missionary service for over thirty years. Having served a mission under M. Russell Ballard in Toronto Canada, I have learned from one of the greatest missionaries of the twentieth century. He has been instrumental in motivating me to be actively engaged in bringing men unto Christ.

Missionary service is more than the philosophical quotes that will draw people to this site. It is active participation in this important process. I have tried throughout my life to be involved in small ways of bringing people in to the Church and kingdom of God.

Each week I will have a few different types of activities. I will offer missionary experiences from current and past missionaries. I will ask that those of you out there who feel I have missed any important quotes from published or unpublished sources to share them with those who come to this site. I am also interested in missionary pictures of Prophets, Apostles, and Seventies be shared. There really is a dearth of photographs of this group of men. I glean almost all that I could find in the LDS historical department and in books in print or those available on the Web.
I know that family members and individuals have photos that haven't been shared. I hope you will send them to me so I can upload them to this site.

I hope to make this blog a clearinghouse for sharing. I commend the efforts of a few individuals such as David Stewart at Cumorah (,
BookSlinger at Flooding the World with the Book of Mormon (, Missionary World (, LDS Missions (, LDS Missionary Mothers (, Mission Net (,
About.Com LDS Missionaries (

I will consider the missionary quote book to be a living document that will be constantly upgraded with new material shared by people who come here and by myself as new information is given or published or shared by the General Authorities.

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