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Brazil Florianopolis Mission

Brazil Florianopolis Mission 

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LDSMission Site.Net--Sister Claudia Queiroz (mission president's wife) 2008-2011

“New Mission Presidents Now in Place,” (Walter Guedes Queiroz Jr.)Liahona, Aug. 2008, N4–N5

“New Mission Presidents Now in Place,” (Walter Guedes Queiroz Jr.) Ensign, July 2008, 77–78

"New Mission Presidents," (Walter Guedes Queiroz Jr.) Church News [Saturday, 5 April 2008].

“New Mission Presidents Begin Service,” (Lamonte J. Dansie Jr.) Ensign, July 2005, 75–76

“New Mission Presidents Begin Service,” (Lamonte J. Dansie Jr.) Liahona, July 2005, N3–N4

"Mission Presidents for 122 Missions," (new mission president
Lamonte J. Dansie Jr., former mission president Guilherme T. Peixoto) Church News [Saturday, 26 February 2005].

"New Mission Presidents," (LaMonte Jones Dansie Jr.) Church News [Saturday, 22 January 2005].

"New Mission Presidents," (former mission president of Pennslyvania Philadelphia and Brazil Florianopolis Mission Lynn Pyper Wallace called as mission president Mozambique Maputo Mission) Church News [Saturday, 8 January 2005].

"New Mission Presidents," (
Guilherme Tell Peixoto) Church News [Saturday, 23 March 2002].

"New and Returning Mission Presidents," (new mission president
Guilherme T. Peixoto, former mission president Nivaldo Bentim) Church News [Saturday, 9 March 2002].

"New Mission Presidents," (
Nivaldo Bentim) Church News [Saturday, 27 March 1999].

"Center stage: New and returning mission presidents," (new mission president Nivaldo Bentim, former mission president Lynn Pyper Wallace) Church News [Saturday, 6 March 1999].

"New Mission Presidents," (Lynn P. Wallace) Church News [Saturday, 20 April 1996].

"New and Returning Mission Presidents," (new mission president Lynn P. Wallace, former mission president Jose Benjamin Puerta) Church News [Saturday, 16 March 1996].

"New Mission Presidents," (Jose B. Puerta) Church News [Saturday, 22 May 1993]. 


"Rain inundates southern Brazil: Church, local members offer relief to flood victims in Brazil, Panama," Church News [Saturday, 6 December 2008].

"New Mission Presidents," (former mission counselor Marco Antonio Rais called as mission president Brazil Belo Horizonte East Mission) Church News [Saturday, 29 March 2003].

“Brazil Now Third Country with One Hundred Stakes,” Ensign, June 1994, 79

"Brazil is third country to have 100 stakes," Church News [Saturday, 19 February 1994].

“Seventeen New Missions Created,” (Brazil Florianopolis Mission, created from the Brazil Curitiba Mission, has a population of 1.3 million and serves 4,839 members in two stakes and two districts.) Ensign, May 1993, 104

"Nine new missions created," (With headquarters near Joinville, where the first missionaries came to Brazil in 1927, the new Brazil Florianopolis Mission will have a membership of 4,839 in two stakes and two districts and a total population of 1.3 million. The Brazil Curituba Mission, from which the Florianopolis mission was divided, will retain 18,250 members in seven stakes and seven districts and a population of 3.4 million.) Church News [Saturday, 13 March 1993].


LDS Mission Network

Myrna Hoyt, “Call from the Prophet,” (Elder Nate) Friend, Oct 2001, 4

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