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Argentina Mendoza Mission

Argentina Mendoza Mission

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Dr. B said...

Francis M. Gibbons in Spencer W. Kimball: Resolute Disciple Prophet of God. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1995 wrote:

Crossing the Andes to Argentina, the Kimballs found the weather more pleasant. At Mendoza, they were met by President Richard G. Scott, a future member of the Twelve, who was the president of the mission headquartered in Córdoba, Argentina. President Scott had been directing the work of several missionaries stationed in southern Bolivia. Since Elder Kimball was anxious to visit the area, he and Sister Kimball, the Scotts, and others drove north from Córdoba toward the border, stopping at Salta. There they purchased cloth, seeds, thread, wool, soap, first-aid supplies, medicines, and other items to take to the Bolivian members. Before crossing the border at Villazon, they parked the mission cars and rented a Jeep for the trip to Quiriza, their destination to the north. With eight passengers, their gear, and the items purchased at Salta, the Jeep was crowded. The winding, primitive road, portions of which lay in the riverbed, took them past several small Bolivian villages and occasional herds of llamas. Elder Kimball noted that President Scott frequently downshifted the Jeep, and he learned later that this was the vehicle's main braking mechanism, the conventional brakes being practically gone. Arriving in Quiriza, Elder Kimball was astonished to see painted on the face of a sheer cliff in bold letters "Bienvenidos Elder Kimball." He learned that a resourceful missionary had attached a paintbrush to a long pole in order to reach the cliff face.

Following a meeting in Quiriza, Elder Kimball saw two men standing near the doorway, quietly waiting for him to exit. When he reached the door, they approached him hesitantly, extending toward him a box they held. It contained a dozen small eggs, a gift of great economic value to them. To Elder Kimball it was, by his own admission, a gift that meant as much to him as almost any other gift he had received. He was deeply touched, not only by the significance of the gift but also by the humble, loving attitude of the men who gave it to him.

Before Elder Kimball left the area, a ground-breaking ceremony was held for a small chapel to be constructed. Elder Kimball lifted the first shovelful of dirt, followed by President Scott and several of the local priesthood leaders. Then one of the men waved to the women, who had been standing aside with their children, to come participate. They all came running, some carrying their babies, and each one in turn, women and children alike, lifted some dirt in celebration of the great event.

Elder Kimball returned to South America in November. It was his last tour as the area supervisor.

Dr. B said...

Craig and Elaine Mayfield, "Missionary Moments 40 Years Later," Church News [Saturday, 4 April 1998]: shared this experience as a missionary:

As Church service missionaries, my wife and I are serving as advisers to family history in the South America South Area. Recently, we traveled to the Argentine province of Mendoza, where we stayed with our good friend, Pres. Gordon Thomas of the Argentina Mendoza Mission. He related an experience he had 41 years earlier as a young missionary in the same Mendoza Province.

He had just arrived in the mission, barely able to say a few words in Spanish. The missionaries were leaders in the tiny branch of 25 members. One day a young less-active couple brought their 1-year-old son to the missionaries requesting a blessing. The baby was so sick that the doctors said he would not live another day. The senior companion anointed the baby and invited Elder Thomas to seal the anointing and give the baby a blessing. In his limited Spanish, Elder Thomas blessed the baby that he would live and also that he would become a great leader of the Church in Argentina. Pres. Thomas recalled that as he was blessing the baby he could feel him getting better.

Forty years later, on one Saturday morning in early spring at his home in Provo, Utah, Elder Thomas, soon to be president of the Argentina Mendoza Mission, opened the Church News and noticed a stake reorganization in Mendoza. Listed as the new stake president was 41-year-old Agustin Domingo Cano.

"I knew that baby was now stake president," said Pres. Thomas.

The baby had indeed grown into manhood and had been called to serve as the president of the Mendoza stake. And what about the less-active father? Upon further investigation, Pres. Thomas learned that Brother Augustin Cano had become active and called to be the stake patriarch.

"Patriarch Cano did indeed remember me," said Pres. Thomas. "He remembered the moment of the blessing. It was something they must have talked about over the years. The promise made in the blessing was a promise only the Lord would make. The one who really learned a lesson was I. I learned that you must never see people as being hopeless. I see them frequently, and the stake patriarch always gives me a special embrace."-Elder Craig and Sister Elaine Mayfield, Argentina Area Office

Dr. B said...

In Francis M. Gibbons, Harold B. Lee: Man of Vision Prophet of God, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1993 we read:

Elder and Sister Lee flew to Buenos Aires, Argentina, on October 13, [1959] where they were met by Mission President Lorin Pace and over two hundred members of the Church. The twelve-day tour of the mission began the same day with a zone conference at Rio Cuarto. There followed missionary and member meetings at Mendoza, at the foot of the Andes, La Plata, Rosario (where son-in-law Ernest Wilkins had served as a young missionary and where he was remembered by some of the members), Bahia Blanca, Tres Arroyos, and Mar del Plata. At this last city, Elder Lee gave the missionaries a three-step formula for approaching the Lord for his blessings: First, keep the commandments. Second, do everything possible to solve one's own personal problems. Third, "pray to the Lord with real intent and desire."

Elder Lee received more media attention in Argentina than in any other South American country. At a press conference held in Buenos Aires, representatives of the four leading newspapers were present to question the apostle from the north. It was only thirty-four years before that when another apostle from the north, Elder Melvin J. Ballard, had come to Buenos Aires to dedicate South America for the preaching of the gospel. Unknown and unnoticed, he and his companions, Rulon S. Wells and Rey L. Pratt, went to the Tres de Febrero Park near the banks of the La Plata River on Christmas Day, 1925, when Elder Ballard dedicated the continent of South America for the preaching of the gospel. After serving for nine months, during which there were only six conversions, Elder Ballard predicted, "The work will go forth slowly for a time just as the oak grows slowly from an acorn," but, ultimately, "thousands will join here." (From Acorn to Oak Tree, p. 30.) From what he had seen in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina, and from what he would see later in the tour, Elder Lee could attest to the accuracy of Elder Ballard's prediction as there were then almost twenty thousand members in South America.

Dr. B said...

On Saturday 24 August 2006 the Church News reported that Hector M. Vedugo former mission president was called as an Area Authority:

- Hector M. Verdugo, 45, Rancagua, Chile; Chile Telephone Company administrator; former Argentina Mendoza Mission president, regional representative, stake president, and district president; married Marcela Marta Ibanez.

Dr. B said...

"From Around the World," Church News [Saturday, 16 January 1988]:

South America South Area: Members bolster conversions

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA-As a result of members working with full-time missionaries, the Buenos Aires Moreno Stake had 30 baptisms during December, according to Pres. Guillermo Daniel Rodriguez. Also, the San Rafael Mendoza District had 20 baptisms during the month, according to Pres. Luis Alberta Lorca. In December, the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission had 163 baptisms, the highest monthly total since 1982. "Members are getting excited," said Elder Kevin White of the mission.

Dr. B said...

"From Around the World," Church News [Saturday, 4 April 1992]:

South America South Area Meeting houses mark progress MENDOZA, ARGENTINA-Construction of six meetinghouses in the Argentina Mendoza Mission-some just beginning and others nearly completed-are monuments of progress, according to mission Pres. Charles W. Eastwood.

Pres. Eastwood said the meetinghouses were approved because several branches increased attendance up to 70 percent in five months. Some of the meetinghouses are in outlying areas and will reduce the distance of travel for the members.

"The missionaries are working hard," he said. "They have done an outstanding job in reactivating families and getting converts."

Much of the reactivation work in the San Juan District, where meetinghouses will soon be constructed for the Pocito and Albardon branches, was done by Elder C. Darrell and Sister Lois Margaret Anderson, who recently returned home after serving in the district for seven months. Because of their service, the district is better prepared to soon become a stake, said Pres. Eastwood.

'We don't presently have any couples in the mission," he said. "Maybe this will motivate more couples to serve."