Saturday, January 3, 2009

Raising Money for Missions: Ironing for Dollars

I came across a very unique way a ward helped a missionary raise $200 for his mission:

Hold an “iron-in” to raise money for a missionary? That’s what the young people of the Blacktown Ward, Sydney Australia Parramatta Stake, did for 74 hours to raise money for a ward member who was called to the France Toulouse Mission. They worked through the night to get their work done (and enjoyed several stacks of steaming pancakes that were donated to the cause), raising over $200. Additional happy results of the activity were the smiling mothers of the stake holding their empty ironing baskets.
I think things like mowing grass, washing cars, and cleaning houses are also something that can help out. Most members would probably just give the missionary twenty bucks to not have to expend the energy. I am impressed in places outside North America the things people do to find money to serve missions.

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