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Brazil Porto Alegre South Mission

Brazil Porto Alegre South Mission

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Dear Elder--Elder Michael Cousins

Dear Elder--Elder Brendan Winters

MissionSite.Net--Elder Emerson Gabriel

MissionSite.Net--Elder Michael Greene

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LDS Mission Network

Craig Earnshaw

"Mission President Assignments: 2009," (new mission president Curtis F. Swenson, former mission president Ren S. Johnson) Church News [Saturday, 7 March 2009].

"New Mission Presidents," (Curtis Floyd Swenson) Church News [Saturday, 10 January 2009].

“New Presidents, Matrons Begin Service,” (former mission president Pedro and Betty C. Brassanini called as president Porto Alegre Brazil Temple) Liahona, Feb. 2007, N2–N3

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"New Missionary Presidents," (
Brad Rolla Hobbs) Church News [Saturday, 28 January 2006].

Sarah Melissa Broadbent Paulsen Sorensen," (wife of former Brazil South Mission president Finn Bergstedt Paulsen) Church News [Saturday, 18 September 2004].

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"Return to Brazilian missionary service," (former Brazil Porto Alegre missionaries (Elder Herman Funk, Elder Adolpho Dittrich, Elder Bernell J. Edwards, Elder Robert C. Thornock) return to serve as couple missionaries) Church News [Saturday, 16 October 2004].

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New missions created; total now 331," (The Brazil Porto Alegre North and Porto Alegre South missions, located in the southernmost corner of the country, will be divided to create the Santa Maria mission. The new mission is among the smaller missions in Brazil with 2.5 million people and 17,800 members.) Church News [Saturday, 10 January 1998].

“President Hinckley Visits South America, Florida, Washington, D.C.,” Ensign, Feb. 1997, 73–76

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"Brazil is third country to have 100 stakes," Church News [Saturday, 19 February 1994].

“Q&A: Questions and Answers--My parents expect so much of me in school. I’m not a bad student, but sometimes I just can’t keep up. I just can’t do it all. What should I do?,” (Elder Oliver Flake) New Era, Sep 1992, 25

"Three new stakes have been created." (Created from the Porto Alegre Brazil Stake.) Church News [Saturday, 10 April 1991].

"People in the Church--Scores in karate," (Sister Maria Dorotea Hygino) Church News [Saturday, 6 July 1991].

"Six new missions to be created missions are added in Europe, Africa, Caribbean and U.S.," (the Brazil Porto Alegre North created) Church News [Saturday, 23 March 1991].

"South America missions to number 48 Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela to gain 5 new missions," (The Brazil Porto Alegre Mission will be divided to create the Brazil Porto Alegre North and the Brazil Porto Alegre South missions.) Church News [Saturday, 16 March 1991].

"From Around the World--Brazil Area: Referrals from sales clerks," Church News [Saturday, 23 July 1988].

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“First Stake in Korea Organized in Seoul,” (Two other stakes were recently formed from mission areas, the Southampton Stake in England and the Porto Alegre Stake in Brazil. President Miguel Sorrentino III heads the Porto Alegre Stake, comprised of seven wards and one independent branch and a membership of 3,343. His counselors are Wilmar Gastao Pacheco de Caldas and Armenio Augusto de Oliveira Seabre. The new stake was formed from the Porto Alegre District of the Brazil South Mission.) Ensign, May 1973, 53


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