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Brazil Rio de Janeiro North Mission

Brazil Rio de Janeiro North

Missionary Site(s)

LDS Mission Network

Dear Elder--Elder Adam Dustin Parker 2004-2006

MissionSite.Net--Elder Christopher Smiley 2005-2007

MissionSite.Net--Elder Craig Reynolds 2007-2009

MissionSite.Net--Elder Claudio Vale de Araujo 1995-1997

MissionSite.Net--Elder Bryan Wilson 2007-2009

MissionSite.Net--Elder Clayton Burris 2008-2010 Ryan Abeyta 2000-2002 Brad Anderson 1987-1989 Ricky Anderton 1997-1999 Michael Barton 2000-2002 Blake Barton 2003-2005 Robert Bradley 1994-1996 Jordan Brough 1997-1999 Mitch Campbell 2002-2004 Merete Grimmer Coleman 2000-2002 Benjamin Davis 1999-2001 Rosana Dos Santos 1994-1995 David Dyches 1971-1973 Brett Eggett 1996-1998 Anderson Engroff 2001-2003 Scott Farnsworth 1971-1973 Steven Forsey 1999-2001 Mike Fowkes 2002-2004 Betsy Fowler 2000-2002 Matthew Freeman 2001-2003 Luiz Furlan 1991-1993 Bradley Green 1999-2001 Diane Hansen 2003-2004 Aaron Harkness 1991-2001 Mark Hartner 1993-1995 Jared Hatch 1998-2000 Nick Labrum 2001-2003 Roger LaMarca 2000-2001 Christian Lora 2004-2006 Jason McKeon 2000-2002 Jed Morris 2000-2002 Wagner Muramatsu 1990-1992 Russel Olsen 2000-2002 Stanley Olson 1993-1995 Adam Parker 2004-2006 James Peterson 1999-2000 Brad Phillips 2000-2002 Aaron Plummer 1994-1996 Jacob Powell 1999-2001 Ryan Purser 2001-2002 James Ribera 1997-1999 Ryan Riggs 1996-1998 Lance Rondeau 2000-2002 Chad-Michael Rose 2000-2002 Alexandre Sanz 1999-2000 Joshua Siqueiros 1996-1998 Ethan Smith 2000-2002 Nate Smith 2003-2005 Jud Tolman 2002-2004 Shawn Vierra 2002-2004 David Watkins 1996-1998 Jeremy Woodard 1994-1996

David J. Larsen 1995-1997

Richard L. Kay 2005-2007


LDS Mission Network

MissionSite.Net--Elder Craig Reynolds

MissionSite.Net--Elder Bryan Wilson

MissionSite.Net--Elder Clayton Burris


LDS Mission Network

“New Mission Presidents Now in Place,” (Scott Warren Pickett) Liahona, Aug. 2008, N4–N5

“New Mission Presidents Now in Place,” (Scott Warren Pickett) Ensign, July 2008, 77–78

“New Mission Presidents Begin Service,” (João L. Oppe) Ensign, July 2005, 75–76

“New Mission Presidents Begin Service,” (João L. Oppe) Liahona, July 2005, N3–N4

"New Mission Presidents," (Joao Luis dos Santos Oppe) Church News [Saturday, 2 April 2005].

"Mission Presidents for 122 Missions," (new mission president
Joao L. Oppe, former mission president Sandro Q. Silva) Church News [Saturday, 26 February 2005].

"New Mission Presidents," (Sandro Quatel Silva) Church News [Saturday, 11 May 2002].

"New and Returning Mission Presidents," (new mission president Sandro Quatel, former mission president Alan Stephen Anderson) Church News [Saturday, 9 March 2002].

"New Area Authority Seventies," (former mission president Yatyr M. Cesar called to 4th Quorum of Seventy) Church News [Saturday, 15 April 2000].

"New Mission Presidents," (Alan S. Anderson) Church News [Saturday, 3 April 1999].

"New and Returning Mission Presidents," (new mission president Alan Stephen Anderson, former mission president David L. Beck) Church News [Saturday, 6 March 1999].

"New Mission Presidents," (David L. Beck) Church News [Saturday, 20 April 1996].

"New and Returning Mission Presidents," (new mission president David L. Beck , former mission president Yatyr M. Cesar) Church News [Saturday, 16 March 1996].

“Seventeen New Missions Created,” (Brazil Rio de Janeiro North Mission, created from the Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mission, also opened February 1 and includes three stakes and 9,867 members.) Ensign, May 1993, 104

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