Sunday, March 1, 2009

Missionary Letter: M. Russell Ballard Counsels Beware of Anybody Whose Says You Won't Baptize

I received the notes from my daughter who is attending the MTC of M. Russell Ballard's 17 February 2009 Missionary Devotional:

News papers ask "Why are you perceived as not being Christian?" Response: don't understand that Church is named afer Christ. Belief came from our disbelief in the Nicene Creed. We believe we are spirit children.

They don't believe we are Christian because:

Bear testimony that God and his Son appeared to Joseph Smith and they spoke to him.

People don't know who God is.

Reality is clear to our primary children. Sad world don't know who don't know Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Ghost.

53,000 men and women trying to teach gospel.

There are 129 temples.

World thinks we are secret closed society because temples closed.

Apostles inviting media to go through temple to show we aren't secret society.

People really are in spiritual darkness.

Become master Preach My Gospel Lesson 3 and you will be successful missionaries.

Maintain a positive attitude. Absolutely essential to success.

People's first impression will be of you of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Converting people is by what they feel not what they know.

This is His Church.

I Feel converts people.

You have to believe all of the time and trust in Jesus Christ.

Counsel: Beware of anybody who says: "You won't baptize a lot." Don't believe that if you allow yourself to believe that Satan gets you. You can find teach and baptize everywhere you are going.

Internalize message of restoration and everything people teach at the MTC and in Preach My Gospel. Treasure up and learn how to present gospel. Own you know you can teach any principles at any time to any situation.

Be master teachers. So he could throw any one of us to Washington Post and let us answer.

There are people who will respond to our message. You will make a lot of friends. You will sow a lot of seeds, but don't let it get into your mind that you are here for any other reason than the work.

Believe and trust in the Lord.

Moroni: who so believe doubting nothing, granted.

Preach to every creature. Believe in Christ's name often! Despair and wonder not (Mormon 9)

Alma 29: Wants to be an angel. vs. 9 I know that which Lord command. Glory In? Lord commands. This is my joy glory in God.

We are in a hurry to find Father's children.

Thanks for willingness to accept calls. Thank parents, family.

The Twelve sends us forth as ambassadors...with testimony burning in our hearts. He'll be as close as we allow him.

Excited! Upbeat!

Mosiah 2, Enos 1: Pray about it. Why should I pray to air? How do I know some divine being he speaks or would answer? How would praying help strengthen my family? Why doesn't my first baptism matter? Why would God let this happen to me if he loved me? 2 Nephi 2, Alma 60:13.

May parents and siblings be blessed.

May heavens inspire, enlighten and bless.

Greatest opportunity of our life to be servant and declare his message. May fire of testimony burn in your bones.

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