Monday, March 2, 2009

Missionary Email: Large Amount of Sister Missionaries Coming to MTC

Monday, March 2, 2009 9:32 AM

Okay, so I don't think I'll write a lot because I don't have a lot to say and I'll probably just send Desi her own letter...but in response to my parents letters...thanks for the account update mom. I think I need to withdraw 100 more dollars when I leave for emergency cash. But that's in like 4 more weeks so nothing should really happen on my bank account for awhile. I had already withdrawn enough for a bike but I didn't want to bounce so I didn't get the emergency cash yet. I bought my missionary bag last week. It's okay. I match with all the boys in the class. The girls all found cute other ones at other stores, but I'm fine matching with the boys. That way I can bring my whole life with me everywhere I laundry.

Taught the first lesson in Chinese this week. It was okay. I ting bu dong'ed (heard but didn't understand) quite a few words. There is this man...Brother Kitchen. He was one of the first 4 missionaries in Taiwan. He comes to the TA every Saturday and he was one of the 3 people in the room. There were also two girls from Taiwan. Unfortunately, Taiwanese Mandarin sounds a lot different than what we learn here in the MTC. I realize that even if I learn a lot here, it will take quite some adjustment when we get to Taiwan to understand what people are saying because the Chinese sounds a lot different. They teach a very standard Chinese here. But the girls were really helpful and changed their accent a little so we could understand more. I had the hardest time understanding brother kitchen, but it was okay, he was like a "golden investigator" for us, so it wasn't too painful at all.

The real investigator we taught 2 weeks ago decided to get baptized sometime last week. That's pretty cool that so many of us missionaries at the MTC got to be involved in teaching her. I think that would be a tremendous spiritual experience to hear the gospel every week from learning missionaries. Her baptism date is the 28th of this month. I'm excited for her. She's pretty much the most comfortable I've been in a TA because she was helpful. She also lives with one of the TE teachers who happens to be powerful when she teaches, so I wasn't surprised when I heard she was getting baptized. She has amazing examples all around her.

Hmmm..My companion was called as the new coordinating sister as all the older transfer of missionaries are gone and the last one Elder Wu leaves tomorrow morning at 3am. He's been in our district this last week, it's been cramped, but he's been helpful to us with his language skills.

We are getting 10 new sisters on Wednesday. Not kidding. 10. That's amazing. The branch president didn't believe us when we told him. Qian laoshi, one of the teachers was the one that told us this news. I didn't believe it either until Han laoshi checked it himself and confirmed. But alas, it's true. We all were like...ahh poor coordinating sister with so many sisters to be in charge of...15 sisters in the Mandarin zone here at the MTC is shocking. And quite a task if any of them don't feel like keeping the rules. But they will be great and my companion will probably be fine. haha. At least in my opinion. But it should be fun. We will also get 15 Elders. It's weird without the older transfer of missionaries here anymore. But at the same time, it's our turn to be the older ones. I'm glad for them to come. We need new people to talk to at meals.

I don't really feel like writing anymore. I have 12 minutes left. I'll check my email later today I guess. Bye.

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