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California Long Beach Mission

California Long Beach Mission

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Dear Elder--Elder Matthew Todd Bringhurst 2008-2010

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Dear Elder--Elder Curtis Jarman 2008-2010

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Joseph Warburton (Spanish-speaking) 2009-2011

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Adam Goff 1998-2000

Davis Law 1999-2001

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Dear Elder--Elder Curtis Jarman

MissionSite.Net--Elder Trax Decker

MissionSite.Net--Elder William Highland

MissionSite.Net--Sister Robyn Hoover

MissionSite.Net--Elder Tovin Hudson

MissionSite.Net--Elder Gregory Kline


LDS Mission Network

“New Mission Presidents Begin Service,” (Ted F. Bubert II) Ensign, July 2010, 77

"New Mission Presidents," (Ted F. Bubert II) Church News [Saturday, 20 February 2010].  

"Mission Presidents Assignments for 2010," (new mission president Ted F. Bubert II, former mission president Edwin A. Sexton) Church News {Saturday, 13 February 2010].

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"New and Returning Mission Presidents for 113 Missions," (new mission president Ronald W. Evans, former mission president Roger P. Christensen) Church News [Saturday, 6 March 2004].

"New Mission Presidents," (Ronald Walter Evans) Church News [Saturday, 31 January 2004].

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new mission president Roger Paul Christensen, former mission president Grant Leon Pullan) Church News [Saturday, 10 March 2001].

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Elder James Henry Haskell 2009-2011

Elder Ben Rubert 2009-2011


Jamshid Askar,  "Vermont family believes in missionary work," (mentions Elder William Dunoskovic, a Cambodian speaking elder who is one of four kids out from his family) Church News [Wednesday, 12 May 2010].

"New Mission Presidents," (mention former missionary Colleen Bonner Tanner whose husband Robert Marshall Tanner was called as president Brazil Campinas Mission) Church News [Saturday, 8 May 2010].

"New Mission Presidents," (former counselor in California Long Beach Mission Craig Lindsay Ward called as president of Panama Panama City Mission ) Church News [Saturday, 27 Feburary 2010].

Jena Peterson, "Letting Go of Your Missionary," (Angie McMurray) LDS Living Magazine [29 June 2009].

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"Cambodians Converted," Church News [Saturday, 5 March 2005].

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“Q&A: Questions and Answers--I want to serve a mission because I know it’s the right thing to do, but I’m very nervous about receiving a mission call. How do I know I’ll have what it takes to be a good missionary?,” (Elder Kevin Bryant) New Era, Jun 2000, 10

"City Recognizes Missionary Service," (Elder Chad Butterfield and Elder Kevin Carver) Church News [Saturday, 22 April 2000].

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"From Around the World--300 members join interfaith effort," (President Grant Pullan mentioned) Church News [Saturday, 19 February 2000].

“Thirteen New Missions Created,” (The California Long Beach Mission is created from a division of the California Los Angeles, California Arcadia, and California Anaheim Missions. The new mission will serve approximately 1.5 million people, with about 24,000 members organized into seven stakes.) Ensign, Apr. 1998, 76.

"New missions created; total now 331," (Three missions - the Los Angeles, Arcadia and Anaheim missions - will be divided to create the California Long Beach Mission. The new mission, centered in the harbor and naval city of Long Beach, will have a population of 1.5 million and a Church membership of 24,000 in seven stakes.) Church News [Saturday, 10 January 1998].


LDS Mission Network

Jo Phillips, "Missionary Moments: One Baptism," Church News [Saturday, 9 August 2003].

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