Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Letters from Missionaries--Rome, Italy

Sorry I didn't write last week the server was down at the free internet
place and I didn't really want to spend the time or money to go to the
other one. These last two weeks were really good. I gave a talk in
sacrament meeting about Patriarchal Blessings. We met two new investigators
who are sisters on the bus the other day. It was right after church so
we were all on the bus, six aniziani and us 2 sorelle. One of these
women sat next to me on the bus. I saw that she was sick and asked her if
everything was ok. She told me yes and it was weird because usually I
try to search for something that can introduce who I am or can break the
ice so I can try to share our message without it being annoying for
the person sitting next to me, because I have found that people are more
receptive this way. But with her I just opened my mouth and started to
tell her the story of Joseph Smith. Before she got off I gave her my
number and asked for hers. I told her I would call to see when we could
pass by. She called me exactly 1 hour later and told me that she was
sick and that she felt like there was something i could do for her. So I
told her about the priesthood and she asked us to come over that night.
When we got there her and her sister told us that they had both had
dreams the night before she had had a dream about the Aniziani with white
shirts and ties and name tags. She told me that when she was younger
some one cursed her with a evil spirit and she had been sick ever since.
I was like ok whatever... later that week we taught the second lesson.
The sister had read in the book of Mormon all the way to Mosiah. I told
them that if they believed that the priesthood had been restored that
they could receive a blessing and that if it was Gods will they could
receive a blessing of healing and if not physical healing then of
comfort. They came to church on Sunday but this lady was to sick to make it
through sacrament meeting so I asked our BML to give her a blessing. He
did. Nothing has happened though. So anyways it was random but they are
amazing and I know that if they keep reading and praying they will be
able to let the gospel change their lives. I think that Heavenly Father
is trying to teach me something about the Priesthood but maybe I just
am not getting it. Every time I teach about the restoration I want to
teach people about the blessing that they can have in their lives through
a prophet and through the restoration of the priesthood, so then I
think ok well do we use the priesthood to do... ok well blessings,
baptism, the holy ghost etc. I want them to see the priesthood in action in
their lives. So I though it would be good for them to get a blessing. But
then nothing really happened. Anyways I don't really know what I
learned from this..... But we have another appointment tonight and we will
see from that boa. Sometimes I really don't know what Heavenly Father
wants me to do. I mean these people were obviously sent straight to us for a
reason and God obviously prepared them with Dreams for crying out loud,
and she told me she knew that I could do something about her illness,
so I mean to me that screamed blessing, and then not so much. So I am
really not exactly sure what I am doing but I have a testimony that I am
a missionary for a reason and I just hope Heavenly Father can help me
not screw up too bad so that I don't mess up this situation that he has
given the opportunity to have. Thats about everything

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