Friday, January 18, 2008

Missionary Letters--Daejeon Korea

Last week we went to another city for zone conference. We were told to bring our study journals for a special activity. On our way home we have to transfer in another city an hour away, we missed the connecting bus so we took a taxi to the train station. Somehow my file with my study journal and the CMIS for the district I am serving in fell onto the floor of the taxi and I left it....I was way upset when i noticed 15 minutes later. We searched everywhere. That study journal was EVERY spiritual impression that I have had on my mission. The ONLY copy that I had of those things. I almost apostatized right then because I was like the only person that this is going to effect is me....Does Heavenly Father even love me I know I was careless, but he could have prompted me or something! I started to pray, Do you really care about me? I know this isn't that important but to me it is really important because it is what I have been carefully recording that I learned by the spirit. Then I prayed that if it didn't mess up some great plan that I could find that journal! I felt like I would get it back so I started searching the street where we got out of the taxi...It was raining and I could tell my companion was annoyed. So I was WAY confused was what I thought a spiritual prompting really just my mind WANTING to find it so bad I told myself I would. Well by that time we had missed the train so we had to wait for a train 20 minutes later. I remembered something that a zone leader said in zone conference that when Nephi and his brothers were getting the plates from Laban and Sariah complained to Lehi....even though he was sitting in the middle of the wilderness he said "I have received a promised land in which I do rejoice" I decided that I would find it, even though I knew I would never be in that city again and that the chance was slim to none. So I did what any self respecting missionary does in situations such as these....I started proselyting. No luck on the bag or the people. We got on the train and I told myself that at least in the resurrection then maybe I would remember everything I had written. Then I tried not to think about it because it was still painful. That was Friday. Saturday night the elders called me and said they didn't really know but they think that some taxi driver wanted to talk to me!!!! I was so excited I KNEW that it was about my file. The taxi driver had opened it and seen the CMIS and called the church, the elders HAPPENED to be at the church and they gave me his phone number. That just left the problem of getting it. Well just before I called the sisters who live in the same house as us told us that the pipes had broken in the chapel that our district uses to have baptism and they would have to travel to the exact SAME CITY I had lost my file! I was able to arrange for the drive to meet them at the baptism.... I sent my testimony and a note to the driver in a Book of Mormon telling him what a miracle it was and thanking him....When the sisters gave it to him it turns out he had studied with the missionaries 20 years ago and he agreed to meet them again! Some things are learned by experience only. I don't know if I could have understood Zone Confrence the same way. Anyhow my companion broke her foot so now I am stuck at the house again...I'm going a little stir crazy.....oh well I guess I still have alot to learn about patience

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