Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Missionary Letters--Rome Italy

So this week I decided to take the time to send you all a few photos so
that you can see what this year has been like, at least from what was
still on my memory card... the last 2 months.

I sent a companion home, I saw Rome where I picked up a greenie, then
came back to the beautiful Cagliari, We did some house in the rain, and
hung out with the other sisters on the island, we ate way too much for
thanksgiving, and did some birthday action...

Then we got a little lost, but came back in time to decorate the church
for the branch Christmas party, and then we did a little tree

Finally we closed out the new year with Festa di Lavoro where we deep
cleaned our apartment... who knows what the new year will bring... maybe
I will go to Naples where sisters still don't serve lol scherzo

Lots of Love and a Happy New Year to all

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