Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Missionary Letters--Rome, Italy

Things are going really well, it is strange because transfers happen on
Monday and I do not know if I am staying yet but I think that I am
going to be leaving the city that I am in right now. Oh well I will let
you all know what happens. For now I just wanted to send you all an email
to say good luck everyone who needs to take finals, I love you all,
and I will write more next week because I am really tired because we went
on a hike today to the top of this mountain and yesterday we went to
find a less active member, but we took the train to a station that had
the name of the city where she lived, but turns out the station was in a
neighboring city so we asked some old men who happened to be on a
bench near by how to get to this city(which wasn't really a city more a tiny
town in the country) and he told us we had to walk or hitchhike. We
asked how far it was, I though he responded 3 kilometers... instead come
to find out he said 6. So lets just say that when the Savior says that
he is the good Shepherd and he knows each of his sheep and he will go
looking for every single lost one of them, well I am learning more
and more what that means. I have searched out some lost sheep, even when
it meant walking 6 kilometers there and 6 back, and even though all I
want to do is sit down every single step was worth it. Look for the
people who need your help, who need your testimony, who need to hear that
you are happy they made the effort to come to church, who need someone to
listen, to not judge, to help them understand and feel the love of the
Savior in their life... if you all do this you will understand more
how God views you and loves you. I am only just now beginning to
understand what the covenants I made at baptism really mean, I love the chance
to develop Charity even in my own little way.

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