Friday, January 25, 2008

Missionary Letters--Rome Italy

So I have now been in Ladispoli about a week and it is a really
beautiful city. The branch is small but really awesome and we are doing some
good work with some of our inactives. We are doing a lot of finding and
we have some fun new ideas we are thinking about doing an activity that
two missionaries in a city by themselves with out lots of money and
members can do and that the rest of the city would want to come to. If
you have any ideas you should email them to me. Also we found two
American Catholic theology students who want are reading the Book of Mormon
and want to know why God could give two contradictory commandments to
Adam and Eve. So if you have some idea of how I am supposed to explain
that that would be useful. Anyways my new companion is nice, turns out
that we definitely had a philosophy class together my sophomore year but
neither of us remember each other so we much have never really met. Random
how the Mormon world is so very small like that. Anyways yea.....
thats about it. We spend a lot of time in Rome and we are planning to see a
lot of things. I will write you and tell you about them. Thats about

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