Thursday, January 31, 2008

Missionary Letters--Rome Italy

So this week has been very eventful. I feel like I have been in this
city FOREVER and that we have done a million things. My companion got her
backpack stolen at zone singing, so I have been helping out in this
very stressfully situation for her. Meno male mom gave me some money for
my Bday, thanks for the inspiration. I have been in this city for about
2 weeks and we have given away already 9 books of mormon. We had a
training on extending the baptismal invite and I really have been seeing
that God is preparing the people in these cities to accept the gospel and
he is putting them in our paths. There is a city in our district that
is actually much bigger than our city and there used to be a branch
there so we are going to try to also do a lot of work there. It breaks my
heart that there is one member in that whole city. Our branch president
said that he had a dream in which he saw Ladispoli as the stake center
and because there is already a stake in Rome, that means that all of
the cities that we work in would have to be opened as wards, as of now
there is only one little struggling branch here in Ladispoli whose
branch president doesn't even live in the boundaries and should go to Rome,
but without him there is no one to be the president. We are catching his
vision and are going to wake up every morning and pray for God to
direct our paths and use us as instruments to make it happen. There are
more than enough people, we are putting our faith into action and have
started using three golden invites with every person we talk to. Will you
come to church on Sunday, and when can we teach you about our message,
and who else do you know who needs this message? We also bought Preach
my Gospels for all of our members and are going to teach them how to
be missionaries. If we ask them to buy them they wont do it (Do you all
have PMG and study it as a family...

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