Friday, February 8, 2008

Missionary Letters--Rome Italy

So this week was super fun, we went to Rome for P day and saw the Vatican museum and the cisten boa I cant spell chapel. I am having a lot of fun in Ladispoli. We have been in Rome actually pretty much every other day this transfer. So my companion did Jerusalem study abroad before the mission and I decided that I don't want to rush through my undergraduate with out living a very exciting full life. So I think that when I go back to school I will apply for the study abroad program in Jerusalem and go. They go see Egypt also and basically you take old testament classes from a Jewish scholar and from a Muslim scholar and from a Mormon professor. Then after that they teach you the new testament and take you to all of the cites where they happened supposedly. Yea how cool would that be? Yea just though I would throw that out there since today at this museum we saw some stuff from Egypt. Anyways the work is going well and we are finding to teach and teaching to baptize.

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