Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Missionary Letters--Rome Italy

Cari Miei,

This week was amazing. Me and Sorella F. are speaking no english this transfer and it is soo fun. We are making this the transfer of a 1000 contacts that means we have to talk to 24 people a day who we invite to learn more about the message of the restoration (or it does not count). So far we have done it every day. Because the city we live in is tiny we see people we have already talked to every day... even though it has only been about a week. It is fun because we are making everyone a friend. The hardest part is remembering everyones name. Sorella F.'s father said that it always happens that it takes 5 times for some people to accept the gospel. So far we run into the same people a number of times. I am hoping that number 5 will be the magic number lol.

I got my hair cut and will send you all some pictures next week, I think that it looks good =-) My neighbors in our apartment complex who are all our vecchiette friends all tell me that I am getting thiner so yea for the summer and starting to seat off six months to sexy hehehe. We go running every morning and S. Fairbanks is kicking me into shape she is a runner so we run nonstop for 30 mins every morning yikes.

This week we have seen some really special miracles, an Anziano told me that it is always the last door in the last palazzo that is golden. So we were headed home for the day and I thought ok last door last palazzo... only we were not doing house, so we just stopped one last person who was a man with his daughter. He stopped and listened and told us that he was a soldier and that he had been in Iraq with Americans and that he had heard a little about the church and that we could have his phone number and to call him to come talk to him later in the week.

The next day we were in a city named Civitavecchia where we also work on our way home and there was a man named Dimitru and we stopped to talk to him. Keep in mind that my new companion is a total spaz and hilarious and has a inner light that is so clean and just good, so she just asked (in her I am happy I want you to be happy also sort of way) about when the train should come in broken Italian and he looked at her seriously for 1 min with out saying anything... then he looked at me and asked "What do you really want from me" I told him we were here to share a message about a prophet and eternal families and happiness... he stopped and told us that he has a friend who has never been baptised and needs to be baptised and if we can help him with that..... I am telling you last door last floor last palazzo of the night miracles.

I was reading in the bible dictionary about miracles because I decided that we are going to have them this transfer punto. It says that they happen when there are 3 things combined. Prayers, Faith, and a need. We are praying so hard and exercising faith by talking davvero with EVERYONE I know that Heavenly Father will lead us to people in need.

I love being a missionary, every single second. So many people that we have stopped this week to tell about our message have told us how lucky we are to have this chance... right before telling us they are not interested... but every time they said it I thought for a min and told them yea yea we really really are. So many people reject us every day but every morning I find myself filled with so much hope and love for the peopleby which we are surounded. I know that that is a gift from God. I love you all so much. Thank you for your letters they make me happy and give me hope that one day when I have to face real life again that I will be able to not be too sad.

Vi Voglio un sacco di bene

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