Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Missionary Letters--Rome Italy

Cari Miei

This week was good. The summer is comming and it is heating up! The
city where I serve I have already knocked every street at least once and
am finishing time number two. I have been let into very few peoples
houses. I know that the secret to getting into peoples homes here is to use
members and to find a way to serve them.

We went to like a million places this week searching for the opportunity
to do service. We went to all of the old peoples homes and all of the
mensas where they feed the homeless and poor within 1 hours travel time
of our home. We went to the government and to social services.
Basically every one told us that we cannot serve there and they do not know
anywhere else where we can serve. So as we have been praying... I am
always trying to be creative. We thought of anything from begging people to
let us carry their groceries to picking up trash on the sand... God
responded like he always does for me on the mission... With an idea.

I thought if we cannot go to them to serve them we need to give them a
way to come to us. We already teach a free English class every week
which is going well. I thought what is like English class that people can
come to and can feel the spirit of the church building and presence of
the missionaries? Geneology!!!!!!!

Thank you mom and dad for loving to do your genealogy. I have a
testimony that converts really are the key to piece together generations. I
know that the generations of the past are working with us to help their
ancestors come unto the gospel.

We just got a permit to do a mostra aka set up stuff in a square in the
middle of town. We are getting our members to lend us their old
pictures of families, we are printing up a bunch of pedigree charts and
inviting people to come to the center to search more. It is a lot of work
but will be worth it. I will let you know how it turns out next week. But
I am really excited about it.

Family I will write next week when I decide when I will call home for
mothers day... crazy that it is already here yikes. If there is a time
when you will not be home, let me know so I can plan better.

Vi Voglio Bene

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