Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Missionary Letters--Rome Italy


So mothers day is this week and that means that at least I hope I will
be talking to ALL of the fam. Anyways I am your only daughter/ sister on a
mission so you can just make time when I call.

This week was awesome. Today we went on a giant Ladispoli adventure
where we discovered a random castle that I didnt know existed and a wild
life refugee with Dolfins!! The work is going well and like always the
Lord is giving us the experiences that we need to grow.

Last week we had a boundary change for our branch so that was exciting
because it grew our branch by 30 people more than doubling the size of
our little branch. I am so excited to be able to work with our new
members! Also it means that we have like 5 more cities that we can work in
that are close to where we work so that will spice things up here.

The wife of our branch president loves being a woman. Every time we have
a lesson about being grateful she (S. V.) talks about why she
is grateful to be a donna. She really is an amazing example of know
and loving who you are. This week is exciting because we get to
celebrate our divine role as women... being a mother hehehe. I love all of you
beautiful yet very unique special women who have influence my life.

Vi Volgio Troppo Bene


Aleisha said...

I live in Napels Italy and have met there branch president and his wife a couple weeks ago. She is a cutie. They are from Utah, same town as me, where I am origianlly from. That's awesome that she's doing such a great job in Rome. It's so diffrent here from the states, but here they have so many diffrent challenges then we do. Being apart of the restored gospel over here, really brings new meaning to life and makes it a lot better. Tell her thank you for serving the lord. I know the people here and the members in Italy truly do appreciate the works they do. =o)

Dr. B said...

I will pass your comment on to the sister missionary who posted this who cries no one ever emails her. She will appreciate the comment abut the branch president's wife who she is impressed with also.