Thursday, May 15, 2008

Missionary Letters--Rome Italy

Cari Miei,

This week was good, it was nice to talk to all of you for mother's day.
It was a really good day because our investigator family came to
church for the first time. When we went back this week Carmella told us that
they really liked it and that her brother's family and his children
will come next week because Genni (Carmella's son) told his cousins how
much fun Primary was and they want to come also. Yea!!!

This week I read the book of Job and decided that I am going to work on
having more patience. I decided that patience is an important part of
faith, faith in the Lords timing. It is interesting when you actually
have an investigator praying for an answer to know if the church is true
your prayers become more fervent. You are constantly praying that the
Lord will answer NOW, and they will recognize the answer NOW... so they
can get baptised NOW of course. I know God always answers prayers in
his time and in the way that will be best for us. Sometimes it is hard
to recognize his answers or to wait for his timing.

Our Relief Society lesson was about spiritual gifts. As I think about
the Lords timing I am grateful that the Lord wanted to use me proprio
right now so that I could work with the people I work with, and learn
from and also to love the people by who I am surrounded by during this
part of my life. I know that the people who are around you and the things
that you all are called to do are not just per caso, that you can and
need to help those specific people that are around you and that God will
give you the spiritual gifts you need to do so.

Vi Voglio Bene

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