Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Daily Life of An LDS Missionary Slide Show

Now that I have collected all the missionary blog sites in to one place I decided to see if they had some photographs that could chronicle the daily life of missionaries. In addition I looked at every missionary profile on DearElder.Com and MissionSite.Net including the photo areas. I have pulled together what I consider one of the finer photo documentaries in the daily life of an LDS missionary. Most of the missionaries featured are currently still serving a mission. They include sisters, elders, missionary couples, humanitarian missionaries, and mission presidents. It starts from pre-mission up to going home. I have expanded my list of blogs in the last week. Here is a new list of Missionary Blogs:

I literally went to every blog and extracted what I considered to be the most unique photos and put them in to a slide show. I will keep the slide show on my sidebar as well as in the general post. If you want to see even more missionary photos you will need to check out the missionary sites on my sidebar or check them out at Mormon Blogosphere under Missionary Department. If you want to view Facebook you will need to register for an account and do a search under LDS Missionaries or Mormon Missionaries. I really had a few hours of fun viewing all the missionary photos out there on the Internet. I put them in Photobucket than uploaded them to Slide.Com since you can put an unlimited amount of slides. I like a few hundred for maximum affect. You can go back to the original sources if you wonder who the people are. For the sake of anonymity I am only interested in showing their everyday lives with some interesting shots. I didn't identify each missionary because I just want to give you a glimpse of their every day lives. You will have to go back to the originals if you are curious of who they are. I thank the LDS Church, Intellectual Reserve, Church News, Dear Elder.Com and every day missionaries who post on Word Press, Blogger, Uber, and Facebook for these great pictures. I hope they inspire you as much as they did me. I can't believe how much they like to show baptisms and P-Day antics. I was looking for the whole range in their lives from Pre-Mission up to completion of their missions.

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