Thursday, June 12, 2008

Missionary Letters--Rome Italy

Cari Miei

So this week was really good, we went to Roma for stake conference. It was nice because
it wasn't just like normal stake conference instead there was a Area Conference broadcast to us from somewhere (chi sa dove boh?) Elder Holland and President Monson spoke by satellite. Something that really touched me was when Elder Holland said that God sent some of his very elect strongest children here to this part of Eurpoe because he knew that they would be strong and keep the faith. I loved that because it is so true. I love being able to be with these people who have sustained the branches here since they were only like 3 members and to talk to them about their testimonies that have been tried in every imaginable way.

This week we went to Rome to see the Colosseum because we met a man on the train who became our new investigator who works there as security for the state. It was crazy to stand in such an old building and think hmmm men and animals used to fight each other while other men watched. Our friend pointed out the woman's section right at the end of the nosebleed section because it wasn't acceptable for them by society to watch those things.

Sorry this email is kind of lame but times up! I love you. Sempre Avanti... Press Forward...

Vi Voglio Bene

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