Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Missionary Letters-Rome, Italy: Member Help

Cari Miei,

So not that I am trunky or anything but next week will be your very last week to write me in the mission so I expect a letter from all of you! This week was crazy good. I love being here serving the Lord. We keep having miracles finding people on the bus. I was speaking to an elder in my district last week and he told me that if we just were outside all day long talking to people on the public transportation in the States we would have some pretty funny ideas about Americans. He made me laugh but it is true most normal people are usually at work while we are out trying to find people. I have realized just how important member work really is on my mission. I have thought about what kind of member missionary we all have the responsibilty to be!

My companion Sister C told me a story about a man who joined the church in Rome 1 when she was there. How he was a well off single italian man which it is easy to think never happens, but God led the missionaries to him because they were listening to the Spirit and so was he. I know that this happens. As we pray every day to be led we are and we pray every day to be led by the spirit to know where to go, with who to speak and what to say. I know that when God trusts us he leads us because he knows that we will talk to everyone. I am trying to talk to everyone even when it seems silly because I have little time left, you never know. I strive always to be diligent and obedient and just pray that that is enough. I love you all I love my savior Jesus Christ. WRITE ME!!!

Vi Voglio Bene

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