Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Improved Mormon Blogosphere Aggregator: Has Largest List of LDS Mission Blogs

Recently BiV decided to improve and refine the Mormon Blogosphere aggregator so that it would be more usable. She made sure that it followed a few refinements suggested by J. Max Wilson in a post entitled a Critical Look at LDS Blogs.

It is now arranged in four easy to read columns with titles and has a very selective list that she personally viewed. The new and improved version has a different subject arrangement, which includes: Personal Blogs, Y and LDS Student Blogs, Family History Library, Visitor's Center (Humor), Mormon Handicrafts, Family Center, Missionary Themes, Theology, History and Doctrine, Women's Exponent, Liberal/Fringe Elements, LDS Living, LDS Tech & Techies, Music, Literature, Photography (The Arts), LDS Writers, and Promised Valley Playhouse (Fine Arts).

She added a Spotlight feature to the aggregator. On the upper right side she highlights a blog or two which she regards as exceptional in some way.

For the missionary minded Dr. B. has combed the internet and come up with several new missionary and mission oriented blogs. He will add a few more as he completes a comprehensive collection of links mission by mission over the next several months. His collection of blogs is the most complete in any aggregator and a unique contribution to the aggregators.

The list includes:

Missionary Themes

The aggregator is still under construction and will have a more extensive post by BiV later on Mormon Matters or her own Hieing to Kolob personal blog. She has been trying to come up with a quality aggregator for Mormon Solo Blogs and has dedicated dozens of hours to this project. My Walmartization approach was too much of an overkill. Now the cream of the crop which includes several new bloggers and unknown ones are represented. I hope you enjoy this great missionary resource and aggregator which has dozens of links. All segments of the Mormon Blogosphere are represented. We hope that you find it a useful tool in your research of LDS topics.


J. Max Wilson said...

Excellent Job! A great improvement.

Anonymous said...

How does one go about getting a new blog added to mormonblogosphere? I can't find a way to add my blog?
Is it just an automatic thing? There must be a way to submit rather than relying on google spiders.

Dr. B said...


you can email me your site at