Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Plan of Salvation As A Missionary Conversation Opener

There are dozens if not hundreds of missionaries that use the Plan of Salvation as a conversation starter. When I was on a mission in Italy we used to have 3' x 4' foot displays of the Plan of Salvation as well as a huge picture of Lehi Going to America. I found out that missionaries today like to draw on sidewalks and many of them do chalk drawings. They like to use pastel chalks and it attracts people's attention when an elder or sister starts drawing on the surface of sidewalks and streets the world over. My two daughters used the technique in the Korea Daejon Mission and the Italy Rome Mission. When my kids do it at home on the driveway it is kind of maddening but eventually it rubs off. I wonder in an eco-friendly world if it would be considered graffiti in some places and punishable by a fine. When we used displays we would carry them with us so there was no mess to fuss with. I wonder if the mission president would bail out any missionaries fined or jailed? My mission president as a badge of honor said he was arrested a couple of times in England for street preaching. I guess it would be a colorful story to later tell missionaries when you are a mission president that you spent the night in the slammer. I am sure that mostly no one cares if missionaries draw on sidewalks since people who walk on them will rub it off quickly.

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Raymond Teodo a.k.a. was_bedeutet_jemanden said...

Gee, I wish I had have thought of that on my mission! Great title picture, too!