Friday, November 14, 2008

Preach My Gospel Resources

My daughter who is very excited about her mission called me yesterday to ask me to help her get a jump start on her mission to Taiwan Taipei Mission. She asked me to find her a copy of Preach My Gospel: A Guide to Missionary Service Romanized in Chinese since she says she learns slowly. I told her to go to the BYU Idaho Bookstore and buy one since I knew they only cost $6 from distribution. She told me that they only carried foreign copies in Spanish and French. I checked online and discovered if she went to BYU she could purchase one at their bookstore but not at BYU-Idaho but for $8.60. I ended up contacting the LDS Church Distribution by phone. You can use their website by I don't like hassling so I called the toll-free number 1-800-537-5971. I asked to order Product# 36617264.

I explained to the young lady that answered the phone that my daughter was anxious to get a copy of the missionary guide and that she was graduating in four weeks. I asked how long it would take to get it and she said two weeks. I guess they give themselves plenty of time in case it goes slow. I was frankly a little disturbed by the slowness in shipping. I tried to find out if I could send it any faster but she assured me that was as fast as she could send it. So it got me thinking that there must be online versions of the Preach My Guide manuals. I did a Google search and sure enough found the following information and resources.

If you want a brief description of the guide in English there is even a Wikipedia entry which includes a brief summary of all the chapters with a few articles to support the subject of missionary work.

If my daughter is in a hurry she can consult the Chinese version online in Mandarin. The Preach My Gospel manual is in the PDF format so click here if you need to download the Adobe software. Larry Richman at LDS Media Talk explains the download process. You can directly to LDS.Org to download them or use the links below.

Preach My Gospel is available online in the following 42 other PDF versions:

Albanian (PDF)

Armenian (PDF)

Bislama (PDF)

Bulgarian (PDF)

Cambodian (PDF)

Cebuano (PDF)

Croation (PDF)

Czech (PDF)

Danish (PDF)

Dutch (PDF)

English (PDF)

Fjian (PDF)

Finnish (PDF)

French (PDF)

German (PDF)

Greek (PDF)

Hungarian (PDF)

Indonesian (PDF)

Icelandic (PDF)

Italian (PDF)

Kiribati (PDF)

Laotian (PDF)

Latvian (PDF)

Lithuanian (PDF)

Malagasy (PDF)

Maltese (PDF)

Norwegian (PDF)

Polish (PDF)

Portuguese (PDF)

Romanian (PDF)

Russian (PDF)

Slovak (PDF)

Slovenian (PDF)

Samoan (PDF)

Spanish (PDF)

Serbian (PDF)

Swedish (PDF)

Tahitian (PDF)

Tagalog (PDF)

Tongan (PDF)

Ukrainian (PDF)

Vietnamese (PDF)

You can even listen to it in English with an MP3 device. You can download it to your computer.

I tried to find the Church Distribution Order Numbers to purchase the manual in the various
versions. I was unsuccessful except for a few. You can call them at 1-800-537-5971 and ask for the item or use the number below to speed up the process.

36617000 Preach My Gospel. English $6.00 USD

36617002 Preach My Gospel. Spanish $6.00 USD

36617140 Preach My Gospel. French $6.00 USD

I hope you make good use of the Preach My Gospel guide. There are a few languages I didn't find one for a few places including Mongolian, and Hindi in Bangalore India. Maybe they are working on it.


Anonymous said...

I hope you still ordered one for her, even if the Chinese or Korean or Japanese versions are online, the likelihood of prospective missionaries being able to use them is very slim. Most RM's from those countries can't read the manuals in the native language until they study writing in school for a couple years.

Bookslinger said...

I hope you send your daughter a Simplified Chinese Book of Mormon, along with an English copy, and a few dollars, and ask her to eat at a Chinese restaurant, and see if they are interested in it.