Monday, December 1, 2008

Abuse of Internet by LDS Missionaries

I received the following comment that raises issues about missionaries use of the Internet:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Arizona Mesa Mission":

My daughter's ex-fiancée is a missionary in the Arizona Mesa mission. He regularly accesses the internet during the week and not just on P-day. He chats with girls via Facebook, including a 17 year-old girl living in the mission. He even finds excuses to visit this girl who lives outside of his area. Although he was called on the carpet by his mission president, he continues to use the internet and Facebook during the week.

What justification is there for any missionary to access the internet? Research can be done via dead tree method. Letters can still be written by hand. Access to the internet by missionaries opens to door to abuse, including pornography.
I heard a similar thing from my own daughter about an elder friend of my daughter who lived with a member and every night he was MSN Messaging her and about five girls from Washington state on his mission. He lived with a member who allowed him to use his computer whenever he wanted. The young man in question did have a problem with porn before his mission but my daughter assured me that he had beat it so your concern about porn is valid. I knew many elders in an era of letter of writing that abused that method also some writing every day when once a week was the standard. One elder on my mission was totally useless until he received a Dear John letter from his girlfriend back home. Also if a missionary wants to visit someone it is hard to stop them short of sending them long distances away or home from their mission. Sounds like the mission president should stay on this better.


Anonymous said...

Yes...they did that on my mission (senior missionary). Plus other things they get away with. Not all. Some are true enough to themselves to keep the rules of the missions and the commandments of God. They were the 'salt of the earth'. The others? If you'll cheat on a mission, you'll cheat in your life.

Michael said...

Send the little spoiled lazy brats home until they get a testimony of the Restored Gospel! We have no time, patience, or place for coddling Born in the Covenant brats.

Anonymous said...

I made the original comment that was quoted in the blog. My daughter dumped the missionary. Her logic was that if he broke couldn't be true to God and keep the mission rules, he might not be true to her.

A note to the Arizone Mesa MP, that elder that you called on the carpet for internet abuse and inappropriate contact with a teenage girl, he's still at it. Yes, he's only got a few months left on his mission, but he's not working as a missionary now. He's playing around.

Anonymous said...

I knew lots of missionaries that did the same thing when I was on my Mission. And it makes me mad when I see friends on missions that are logging onto their myspace, and facebook accounts! Seems to be happening alot!

Janiece said...

It all comes to agency.
You hope that your missionary is following their mission rules.
They do not undertand what blessings are lost by something as simple as searching the web.
With a missionary in and one out of the states I am grateful for Email. It is so nice to hear each week how my daughter in Argentina is doing.
We have talked about how important it is to NEVER break the rules or abuse the internet rules.
Again, it is the backbone of our Father's Maybe his MOM needs to know he is breaking the rules...

Anonymous said...

Missionaries can write snail mail letters every week. This is how they did it before Al Gore's invention came along. They don't have to have access to the internet.

Anonymous said...

What invention did Al Gore come up with? Are you referring to the computer? Al Gore did not come up with the computer...get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

missionaries should always be able to e-mail their families and friends these wonderful young men give up two years of their lives for the church. Thats an A.A. degree they could have earned in college if the young man had chosen not to volunteer for a mission. They should not be pressured, they should not live in substandard conditions, they all should receive a medical exam once a year and when they are physically or mentally ill they should be treated with dignity and given loving care and NOT offered mind altering drugs. If a missionary has an illness such as looking at BAD things on the computer he should be given help by LDS social services.Looking at Porn is an illness. i'm amazed that how poorly members and others treat these noble young man Shame on everyone who doesn't help a missionary no matter what the illness is.