Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blog of the Month: Missionaries Car Jacked at Gun Point

Earlier I discussed in one of my posts about missionaries being mugged how they need to keep a few dollars in their pockets to be safe. One of my favorite and most instructive blogs on tracking the activities of a mission president is the Durban Mission. It is probably the most instructive blog in terms of what a mission president and his wife do on a daily basis. Well today I came across this interesting story that occurred back in November 2007 from the South Africa Durban Mission's blog which shows us how keeping a cool head can be beneficial. Luckily it did not end tragically and has a very interesting and instructive technique on how a missionary handled being carjacked at gun point by preaching the gospel:

Then, like Nephi coming down off the mountain to find Laman and Lemuel quarreling, we started getting calls from the mission Tuesday night. The assistants had the bokkie (pickup) full of furniture for a new boarding, up in Empangeni Township near Richard's Bay. They were rear (and side?) ended, but OK. As the bokkie stopped it's turn and they sat up to take stock of the situation, the cellphone rang. Without even taking off his seatbelt, Elder Hyatt answered. It was Elder Beazer in Richard's Bay, reporting a carjacking. Elder Hyatt and Elder Larsen said they'd call him back...

So, the carjacking: Elder Ricks, and Elder Parry (one of our BRAND new elders) came out of a discussion in Empangeni to be met by two men with guns, who ordered them to open the car. They took the elders to Esluweni, a neighboring township, and left them there. (I should add that during the car ride, Elder Ricks explained to the carjackers that they were breaking the Ten Commandments, but could be forgiven through true repentance...) When the carjackers dropped them off, the elders had to hand over a credit card and the cellphone, but were allowed to keep their scriptures, and the K-report (which is the card they keep track of mileage on, for Elder Dalebout!). They weren't sure where they were, in the dark, but eventually found the building the ward meets in, and from there went to a member's home and called the Beazers. They were totally unharmed.

Amazingly, a day and a half later, the car was found. It is apparently muddy and dented, but we can't believe it was found! We assume it was because Elder Ricks' lesson softened the robbers hearts, so he gets credit for two more contacts for that day.
I find it fascinating that the Elders could preach the gospel knowing that their kidnappers may or may not have reacted as friendly as they did. It is good to see that the criminal element appreciates a good gospel sermon from time to time. Check out this blog it is chocked full of interesting stories.

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