Tuesday, March 3, 2009

29 Year Old Called As Mission President: A Young Man to Follow

An interesting calling was made this week under the Mission Presidents' section of the Church News. Usually mission presidents are in their fifties and range from late 30s up to about 75. But last week it was announced that an Afro-Caribbean Kerving Hardwarson Joseph (29) was called from the Port-au-Prince Haiti North Stake. Brother Hardwarson served in the Haiti Port-au-Prince mission and was a counselor to the current mission president. I wonder if he will be similar to the earlier calling in the West Indies Mission and serve in his own area. I am not questioning his age I am just pointing out the fact that a man in his 20s is called as a mission president. It is good to see some younger men coming up in the ranks. It just goes to show anyone can be called if the Lord wants him. I hope they call more young men since they are still enthusiastic and vibrant at that age and men from areas in which they already know the missionaries.

The Church News gives the following biographical data:

Kerving Hardwarson Joseph, 29, and Daphnee Mikhael Christophe Joseph, two children, Croix-Des-Missions Ward, Port-au-Prince Haiti North Stake. Brother Joseph is a counselor in the Haiti Port-au-Prince Mission and a former high councilor, ward Sunday School president, ward clerk and missionary in the Haiti Port-au-Prince Mission. Coordinator, Church Educational System. Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to J. Jordany and Marie Formulet Joseph. Sister Joseph is a ward Relief Society president and is a former ward Sunday School teacher and missionary in the Haiti Port-au-Prince Mission. Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to Jean Guy and Ginette Laurent Christophe.

He will be a young man to watch over the next several years. It also seems like a good route to being a mission president is to have served as a counselor in a mission presidency. It is not the only route but one in which several men have followed in their church service. I like to see the Church calling some go-getters. It proves they are trying to keep the missionary work vital with a mix of different mission presidents from all ages and backgrounds. I think it is also a good strategy for a worldwide Church.


Matt W. said...

That's Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Are there many other African-American MPs? He looks like an incredible young man. Wonderful

David B said...

Just for the record, he's not African-American. He's of African descent, but there are more people in this world who are of African descent than just those in the United States.

Anonymous said...

I served in Haiti with Elder Joseph. He is an amazing man and a spiritual giant. The church in Haiti has numerous barriers that impedes it's growth. He will be a great mission president for the native Haitians. (currently the mission is closed to non-natives).

David said...

Great to see this young man being called as a mission president.