Monday, March 2, 2009

First Presidency and Council of the Twelve Are Facebook Celebrities

The members of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve have become social networkers with fourteen of them having Facebook celebrity pages. We do have one vacancy that needs to be filled and maybe the next apostle already has a Facebook entry.

Thomas S. Monson as the Prophet and President of the Church is not surprisingly the most popular LDS Facebook celebrity with 87,950 fans. He is nowhere near the leading figure Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) with 2,632,452 fans but for a religious guy he has a good start. He needs some LDS people to add him and get his numbers up.

He is followed by his two counselors in the First Presidency with second counselor Dieter F. Uchtdorf having 20,014 fans being the next most popular and first counselor Elder Henry B. Eyring having 17,071 fans.

Among the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles Elder David A. Bednar is the most popular despite being a junior member. I guess people like younger apostles who are sharp looking as he has 14,094 fans.

The rest of the Council of the Twelve only have half as many fans or less. Next in order of popularity among the Twelve are:

  • L. Tom Perry 7,092 fans
  • Dallin H. Oaks 6,189 fans
  • Boyd K. Packer 6,309 fans
  • Jeffrey R. Holland 6,044 fans
  • Richard G. Scott 6,001 fans
  • M. Russell Ballard 5,107 fans
  • Russell M. Nelson 3,770 fans
  • D. Todd Christofferson 3,503 fans
  • Quentin L. Cook 3,501 fans
  • Robert D. Hales 2,989 fans
  • For some odd reason Jeffrey R. Holland is not indexed with the other members of the First Presidency and Council of the Twelve Apostles. Someone needs to fix that. People really enjoy writing on their walls. A few have photos added.

    It would be nice if they were active writers on their own facebooks. I wonder if they actually read their own Facebook. Maybe some bloggers out there could let us know if they are in their networks and personal friends. I think it is a good missionary tool. People have some interesting experiences they relate such as blessings they receive etc.

    I noticed three of my own daughters were fans of Thomas S. Monson when I added myself. Please help out Robert D. Hales as Rodney Dangerfield used to say "Nice guys finish last" so please help him out no one wants to be at the bottom of the list add him fast. Let's show our appreciation to our General Authorities and get their fan base up there with Dr. House.

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    mobile_sloth said...

    Thanks for posting those - I am a facebook beginner, so it was a real help.