Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Missionary Letter: Poop Jokes

Monday, March 23, 2009 3:25 PM

This week was pretty standard. I have two weeks left here from tomorrow so not that long. Yeah nobody ever got back to me on my glasses and I leave soon, so I started looking into it back when I broke them...it was a long and complicated process for me since I don't have easy access to a phone or anything, but yeah, I sent in my glasses and I hope they get back here in time. If Walmart needs you to pay for the shipping back to me, then make sure you do that fast, and if it's not going to get here by April 7, send them to Taiwan? I just hope they will get them Monday or Tuesday and send them right back.

Um this week L. Tom Perry came and spoke to us. He spoke about the importance of companionship unity. They've been hitting us pretty hard with that lately, so there have probably been a lot of issues with it. You are supposed to be with your companions pretty much ALL the time, unless you are in the bathroom, or in meetings with authorities, such as teachers, mission presidents, district leaders, etc. Some girl had been kicking her dorm mates and companions out of the room so she could "pray in private" and she was told to stop doing that and that once she closed her eyes she was alone with heavenly father, but she needed to stay with her companion.

We also had a talk by Stephen B. Allen about expectations and how if you disagree with someone you probably lack understanding and have unmatched expectations.

So my funny thing of the week is that this week in district planning, one of our goals had to be to not make so many poop jokes. A lot of boys in our district are extremely comfortable, with even my companion and I since we had to do stool samples at the beginning of the stay here, since then they have seen we are pretty chill about whatever and don't necessarily freak out. And my companion is obsessed with mentioning how funny it is how obsessed our boys are with bodily related functions, and how often they joke and do those things. Well the new district leader (we have 3 during our stay here) is a straight-liner, and so this week he was like, "Elders, we need to stop with the poop jokes and references" It pretty much hasn't changed much, but our teacher had to tell us when we mentioned that at district planning to grow up. I think it's relatively amusing and don't mind them needing to talk less about it, it's pretty disgusting to me when they fart all the time, you guys know how I was about that at home, I'd tell people to leave the room and go to the bathroom. Haha. So yeah...spending essentially all day minus sleeping hours with the same 8 elders is pretty interesting.

I cut my hair today. I got bangs. I figure they will grow out fast and I dont plan on cutting my hair once I get there, so I just went with it and have bangs for the time being. I also took most of my clothes to the alteration shop so they could make my shirts and jackets short sleeved. They've only finished one so far, but it turned out really cute, and I figure it's cheaper to alter my clothes here than to buy a whole new wardrobe in Taiwan or something. I didn't realize how many jackets I had with long sleeves. Now I have 3 with long sleeves and I'll have 4 with short sleeves. I also took the long sleeved button down shirts there to get them shortened. They finished one and it's super cute, I'm happy with the results. I love the alteration shop.

I only have 5 minutes left so you guys can reply on DearElder, that's really exciting about Gen being pregnant. I kind of figured she was since she knew her ovulation cycle and we seem to be pretty fertile if you say consider mom...hahaha. Yeah, sad I won't even know the child, but oh well. My departure date is April 7 so if you are sending anything to me, send it soon. Please tell me if Taiwan has a renting thing at the temple, i'd like to give my clothes to gigi (unless she has some now) because I am going to TRY my hardest to not spend 90 dollars at the airport like I did on the way here, but that might be unavoidable. We'll see. That is 5 lbs. Amanda Nelson said she'd take some stuff I didn't want, so I'll give her some stuff and have her bring it to gigi, some books ect...She works in my building so i see her once a week or so..

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Josh said...

I am in Taiwan. The temple has clothing rental. In regard to glasses, Taiwan prices are very reasonable. They say up to 98% of the population wear glasses.