Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sisters Use Radio Gig to Get Message Out!

I have been glad to see that a few missionaries are on the ball out there in their local communities using media like radio to get the message out. Hermana Elisa Urban down in the Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission has become a local celebrity preaching and singing:
The radio show went well again. We talked about families. and Juan Carlos is expecting us every Wednesday now. He is really great. I am going to make him cookies or something and give him a Book of Mormon. I hope to find some people from this.

YES!! So we had this little radio gig. SO fun! We were really nervous but it turned out really well. He didn´t interview us or anything. We just explained the Restoration and how God loves us! And we also sang a song “Divina Luz.” He invited us back. Now the sister missionaries in Monte have a little radio show!
It really is easy to get a few minutes on a radio station to talk about what you are doing in your local community as missionaries. I wish more missionaries would take advantage of the benefits of using their local radio stations. You can drop by the station and speak to the DJs or the station manager. Speaking once or twice on the radio will help local listeners get to know about you and be able to recognize you when you are walking or biking down the street. Feel free to give out your phone number or email when you talk on the radio. If you keep you time down to around five minutes most radio stations will let you on early in the morning before the news. Mission presidents and local church leaders should also do more in promoting activities and information about what is happening also. If you are too shy to speak you can fax or mail in events or information like Elder Jeffrey Brown has recently been assigned to Santa Maria you can contact him at such and such a number if you are interested in meeting him. These sisters are actually preaching the gospel through word and song.

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