Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The False Priest: Usurper of the Bride Groom (A Poem)

I recently reencountered a man that I had held in high regard as a young missionary who marched us around back in the 1970s at the LTM singing Italian songs with us and teaching us to count. He has since left the church and is a former polygamous who has interestingly been brought back in to my life through his involvement with my wife who he mentors. It is my first attempt at poetry in 20 years and conveys a conversation I had with the man recently and paints what he said to me as accurately as I remember in poetic form.

On Facebook I wrote:

I am sending this out to my good brother in Utah who would never come between a couple when he is friends with both of them.

The False Priest: Usurper of the Bride Groom

The False Priest speaks words with cordiality to influence and charm
His intentions he decries are not to stand in the steed of another
Nor take the betrothed.
He lost the bride of his youth she has gone far away.
The loss of his family was a small price to pay for his gall.

A comrade in arms who fought in a cause once shared now seeks his advice in restoring his bride.
He proclaims he has no intent on the other.
He was merely the oracle of truth, that will free and direct the bride.
His brother in arms is mistaken to believe his intention would divide asunder nor take her as plunder.

He denies with words spoken in love to appease his brother that he would not come between the wife nor the brother.
He is falsely perceived his ambitions most pure he does not love her at all.
The person unhinged who relies on his word he is harmless to blame in the alienation of love.
He was merely a friend on the way.

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