Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Missionary Meals Fosters Closer Relationship Between Missionaries and Members

I received a comment from an anonymous blogger who recently returned from a mission that gives members feeding missionaries a new twist that is interesting:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Missionary Meals with Families":
Feeding the missionaries is wonderful! I just returned from my mission (state-side) and was fed by many wonderful families. Unfortunately, some missionaries are "better" or more focused than others. I have found, as a missionary, that the purpose of being in members' homes is not only to receive referrals and forward the missionary efforts in the ward, but to get to know the families. The greater rapport you can gain with the individual families, the more they can trust you with their friends. This doesn't mean you can goof of at these appointments. You show them you are capable of loving everyone, even upon first meeting. "Good" missionaries had better show their love and appreciation for these families and help them in their own missionary efforts, including teaching their friends. Meals with families has been a great tool as a missionary. In fact, every baptism of each person I taught was a referral by a member family. Though your experiences with your missionaries have not always been great, I, for one, appreciate your willingness and sacrifice to serve the missionaries in your wards. I hope you will allow future missionaries who are more focused to teach your friends. Keep being a good example, and when they're ready, when the right missionaries are there... they will be taught and brought to know the truth.
This missionary points out that all their baptisms came as a result of member referral. I think missionary meals with members is one way members can get to know and trust the missionaries. I think missionaries who receive referrals are very fortunate that they developed relationships with members and could baptize.

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